Why This Blog?

West to the West Wing 2012 is part of a movement that started sometime in the fall of 2010, when thousands of people around the country, independently of each other, all started getting the same idea at the same time:  We need Allen West as the GOP presidential nominee — and as soon as possible, i.e., in 2012.  Videos of Allen West’s speeches and interviews had been going viral on the internet for months, and the movement picked up a lot of momentum after West’s victory in the FL-22 Congressional race.

This blog was born exactly one week after that historic conservative sweep of the U.S. House, state governorships and state legislatures all across the country.  I had spent much of that week pondering the way forward, given the unprecedented threats to America at this time:  a foreign enemy, radical Islam, whose adherents are not deterred by threats to their own lives the way all previous enemies have been deterred; and an enemy within, including, for the first time in our history, a president who actively desires to punish and damage America.

I had long been a huge supporter of Sarah Palin, as described elsewhere on this site, and had hoped to see her as President some day. However, the fact that in the last two years, the “intensely negative” percentages in opinion polls about her had not budged even the tiniest bit– despite her impressive accomplishments — made me think long and hard.  And while Sarah had shown boldness and genius in skewering the domestic enemy, i.e., the socialists in Congress and the White House, I was discouraged that I had not seen leadership from her on the issue of Islam.  Indeed, I had not seen such leadership from any American politician except one:  Allen West.

I am perhaps more familiar than most Americans with Islam and its horrific history — and particularly, as a woman, I am outraged by Islam’s acceptance of  “honor” killings, rape, genital mutilation, polygamy, forced marriages, child brides,  and in the most extreme Muslim areas of the world, forced head-to-toe shrouding (the burqa) and prohibition of girls’ schooling.  I have long been utterly disgusted with the willful ignorance and despicable cowardice of most of our political leaders on the threat to our civilization from Islam, not only from terrorists but from the creeping shariah right here within our own country. The first time I saw Allen West on YouTube, I literally clapped and cheered. He spoke authoritatively and boldly, not dodging the uncomfortable truths about Islam as nearly every other politician does.

I started this blog because I believed — and still do — that Allen West is more qualified and more committed to fight the Islamofascist threat than anyone else in this country.  And he is pro-life, which is a sine qua non for any politician I could ever support.  Those were the only two things I needed to know about him for him to get my enthusiastic support.  But in the time that I’ve been doing this blog, as I have researched and explored and learned much more about this man, he has only continued to impress me.  He is a very, very rare man, a once-in-a-lifetime leader.  If Obama the appeaser is our generation’s Neville Chamberlain — for the radical Islamists are most certainly the Nazis of our time, only worse — then Allen West is, I am firmly convinced, our Winston Churchill.  America needs this man — this great man — in the White House.

“King of the New Media” Andrew Breitbart gets it:

Allen West made a commitment to the people of FL-22 and, being a man of honor and integrity, he will keep that commitment.  He committed to serving his district wholeheartedly, as the best Congressman he can be, and that is exactly what he will do — i.e.,  he will not be running for president.  This is why he must be drafted for the nomination — and that, we know from history, can only happen if there is a massive grassroots movement.

If, after exploring this site, you find yourself in agreement with the thousands of us who have come to believe that Allen West’s leadership offers hope for this country — indeed, perhaps our last hope — then please pass the word to your friends.  Along with this site, there are several other websites and Facebook pages that support Allen West for President. Two of my favorites are: Go West 2012 and ALLEN WEST for President.

Share these with your friends. 2012 is coming fast!



  1. 2012 is too early for President West. He should be Sarah’s veep.

    • Palin lost my vote when she bailed out of Alaska’s top office in the midst of controversy. She can’t take the heat and her personal life is a sham. PLUS…she’s clueless when it comes to world politics. Allen West is more than well qualified to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! WEST IN 2012!!

  2. Allen West has more than others have ever dreamed of having. He has brains, experience, fortitude, patriotism and deep moral convictions. I am more than happy to join the movement to have this wonderful man drafted as our candidate for 2012. I disagree that it is too early for him and I have been voting age for 43 years. He has what it takes! I am behind the movement 100%! Allen West 2012! Let’s get a move on.

  3. This guy is almost too good to believe. I’m 100% for this guy, he could wipe the floor with potus we currently have, has anybody approached him yet about his propects of running. I would pay money to see him debate Obama

    • Oh, yes, wouldn’t that be fun? It’d be like watching Dick Cheney debate Dennis Kucinich! I would almost feel sorry for Obama. ALMOST.

      Re: prospects of Allen West running, all I know is that he made a commitment to the people of FL-22 to be the best Representative he could be. I doubt he would renege on that commitment — so the only way we can get him into the White House in 2013 is to DRAFT him for the GOP nomination in 2012. Not impossible, but difficult. Eisenhower was drafted for the GOP nomination — and he, like Allen West, had no previous experience in elected office, just years of leadership in the U.S. Army.

      For a “Draft West” movement to even get out of the starting gate, a huge amount of public momentum needs to develop. Perhaps I have too much faith in the American electorate, but I believe that if people really understand the issues — especially the threat from radical Islam — it will become obvious to them that Allen West is uniquely the best man to deal with them, that he is the Winston Churchill of our time.

      To that end, this blog is issue-focused, linking readers to valuable information sources, as well as trying to “connect the dots” between the issues. My hope is that these explorations of the issues will help us all to grow as informed citizens, as well as aid us in developing the philosophical foundation for an Allen West presidential candidacy.

      There are other sites that do a better job of following Allen West’s day-to-day activities — including Allen West’s own Facebook site. The Go West 2012 and Go West Blog websites are listed in my blogroll in the right-hand column, and for more Facebook sites, simply go to Facebook and enter “Allen West for President” in the search box; several will come up.

      May we all be “happy warriors”!

  4. Where does West stand in regards to our ecology, wildlife and the treatment of the BLM of our national symbols the American Mustang and the wild burros? Will he defend them as our national treasures and as part of our nations resources or will he ignore them like Obama has? For us to grow as a strong nation, we need these creatures to remain in our lives to give us sport, beauty and pride. I’m very concerned because I have seen NOTHING done on the national level to protect our wild resources since Obama took office. Teddy Roosevelt is a good example of the husbanding of our wilderness and those that live in it.
    What say you to that?

    • Debi, I don’t know where Allen West stands on these things. I know that he tends to take the long view of things, and that he believes in responsible stewardship of what we’ve been given. Since he is from the eastern part of the country, and has an urban rather than rural background, I would imagine that things like BLM lands in the West are not much on his radar screen at this point. But that’s to be expected of anyone in public office: He or she has a good knowledge of the issues that are important to the people who’ve elected him or her to represent them. If West were to run for national office, he would educate himself on issues of particular interest to other parts of the country. I imagine that just by serving in Congress, which is a national body — especially since he is now on the Small Business Committee — he is learning about a LOT of things from people all over the country who have personal experience of them.

      I personally consider our National Parks system one of the great things about our country. No other country I know of has anything like it. I don’t just mean the sites themselves, but the way they are conserved; the staff who are very knowledgeable and eager to share their knowledge with visitors; the upkeep so that the sites are user-friendly; the relatively low fees so that every American can enjoy them.

      I also am a rural citizen who makes my living off the land (private, not BLM), and I can tell you, I and my friends and neighbors take very seriously the stewardship of the land in our care. You can judge the health of a given piece of land by looking at its mix of vegetation, the soil structure, etc. We do that all the time. It’s part of our job! All of us know on a very personal level that if we want the generations after us to be able to support themselves on this land, the land must be well cared for and the natural ecosystem preserved.

      I don’t know Allen West personally — but if I ever do, you can be sure I will share my perspective with him! He’s a very smart man and he thinks in terms of generations and centuries, just as we farmers and ranchers do, so I’m quite confident he would understand land stewardship. Indeed, if you watch his speech on Afghanistan, http://westforwestwing2012.com/2010/11/22/is-afghanistan-our-vietnam/ , you see (albeit in a very different context) how well he understands the interaction of people, crops, income and land.

  5. He seems like he would make a great President of the U.S. I just hope he can surround himself with people like himself who are not ashamed of their faith in Jesus Christ, are loyal and committed to the Spirit of the Law in the U.S. Constitution. If he can find the people to staff who are as committed as he is, then we have a chance not to drown in the evil that has crept into our power structures in the country.

  6. My own birthday is September 12.

  7. Are you on twit? Is so would love to follow you if I am not already. I am @LadyImpactOhio. Thanks!

    • Gosh, thanks for the thumbs up, LIO — but I’m sorry to say I don’t tweet yet. I always seem to be one step behind in the technosphere! It’s all I can do to run this blog… I was proud of myself just for figuring out how to put ALLEN WEST’s twitter feed into my sidebar here!

  8. You picked a winner. Allen West is Alright.
    Swap links? I’m Down on the Pharm, and when you’re tweeting, add pharmer1.
    Twitter is pretty good blog promotion.

  9. First of all I am speaking as a Brit who used to work and live in America, and I have retained my love and affection for all things American throughout my life, and it pains me to see this once great nation being pulled down so dramatically by the Obama Administration, and being placed in clear and present danger by Obama’s reckless policies.

    Allen West is a patriot, but he is much more than just that. Allen West represents everything that is good and true about America : Liberty, Freedom,Justice, Morality, Integrity, and Love of God and Country.

    America is faced with unparalled dangers and enemies on all fronts as never before

    We have under Obama

    1. A Federal Deficit of $13 Trillion Debt with Communist China as our biggest creditor

    2.Mass Unemployment of 13Million +

    3. Foreclosures of an unprecendented nature all over the country

    4. Start Treaty with Russia that places the US at a great military disadavntage

    5.DOMA Bill that discriminates against the sanctity of marriage

    6.Colossal rates of Abortion across the country

    7.Shambles of a Foreign Policy that has greatly weakened our National Security

    8. We are bogged down in an Unwinnable War in Afghanistan

    9.Homegrown Muslim Terrorism escalating all over the US

    10. A DREAM ACT that will grant Amnesty to 29 Million Illegal Immigrants

    Our country needs a patriot and man of vision and honor like Allen West

    to save us before it is too late.

    It is our job to get him to run for President in 2012. I urge you to pray

    and work night and day, to encourage Allen West to stand up and run

    for President in 2012 by the Grace of God.

  10. Yes, absolutely!

    Allan West for President 2012!

    What can we do?
    Where do we start first?

  11. Please what can we do to get Col. West to run for President in 2012?

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