About Allen West

Scholar. Warrior. Leader.

Allen West is the only person on the public scene who has the combination of all the qualities we desperately need in our next president — not in 2016, not in 2020, but as soon as possible: in 2012.

You can look at all the most frequently mentioned possibilities — Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Mitch Daniels, Herman Cain and several others — but, gifted as each of these individuals is in his or her own way — none of them have all the qualities we need if America is to survive as a Constitutional republic. And none of them talk as honestly, knowledgeably, and boldly as Allen West does about the mortal threat to our country’s very existence: radical Islam. Not just terrorist attacks, but the creeping sharia right here within our borders, as in the New Jersey case where a judge let off a man accused of raping and beating his wife because the man was a Muslim and sharia law allows such abuse.

Allen West knows the enemy as none of the others do. He is a scholar of Islam, but unlike most Islam experts, he has had actual battle experience in Iraq and, after retiring from active duty, as a civilian military adviser in Afghanistan.

He is a warrior, but unlike many warriors, he has two master’s degrees — one in political science from Kansas State University, and one in political theory and military history from  the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer College.  His deep study of military history has given Allen the kind of insights you hear from Victor Davis Hanson but not from most of today’s political leaders. In addition to formal degrees, Allen has made an extensive personal study of Islam and Islamic history.

But book knowledge — and even the insights gained from daily contact with Muslims, both allies and enemies, in Iraq and Afghanistan — are not worth much unless you can communicate them. And that’s the beauty part:  There is no more gifted speaker on the political scene today. There is a reason Allen West’s speeches and even off-the-cuff  interviews grabbed by reporters as he walks in or out of an event, have become hits on YouTube. Well, actually, several reasons:

1.   Americans crave the truth.  They know their current leaders are not telling them the truth — from Janet Napolitano with her ridiculous conceit that Tea Partiers and returning vets are more to be feared than the people attending the hundreds of mosques in this country that are affiliated with the radical Muslim Brotherhood network, to the Pentagon’s refusal to even mention the words “Islam” or “jihad” in its 84-page report about the terrorist attack at Fort Hood by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who carried a “Soldier of Allah” card in his wallet and harangued the wounded vets at Walter Reed to embrace Islam.  Unlike our current leadership — and unlike even many Republican leaders, who keep telling us that “Islam is a religion of peace” — Allen West believes that you deserve the truth, and he tells the truth.

2.   He tells that truth in a firm, no-compromise, pull-no-punches way — but calmly, rationally, persuasively, backing up every point he makes. He is erudite without being arrogant — in other words, he is a good teacher. You will never have to worry about Allen West hiding out in the White House and failing to defend his decisions and explain his thinking to the American people.  Good intentions are wonderful — George W. Bush had them aplenty — but a President has to be able to make his case to the American people — even to those, perhaps especially to those, who oppose him.

3.  People instinctively know that love of America goes to the very core of who Allen West is, and that he would lay down his life for this country.  And in fact, he already has — many, many times, in Iraq and elsewhere.  Not only does he lay down his life for “this country” — in the abstract — but as he famously said in his Army hearing, “If it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through Hell with a gasoline can.… There is not a person in this room I would not sacrifice my life for.”  This is why people trust Allen West.  We know he has our back.

Allen West has the love of country and the spirit of self-sacrifice that make us proud of everyone in our armed forces — but he also has a thorough historical and legal understanding of our Constitution, how it works and why it works — and why it is the Constitution, and the Constitution alone, that is the best guarantor of our liberty. When Allen West places his hand on the Bible in January 2013 and swears to uphold the Constitution, we can trust him to keep his promise.

When he enters the Oval Office, we can trust that we will be well served by the 22 years of executive experience he gained in the same place President Dwight Eisenhower gained his — the United States Army. As a brigade Operations Officer, a regiment Executive Officer and finally, a Battalion Commander, including in Iraq, Allen West has many years of experience successfully leading men and women, and in some of the most high-pressure situations imaginable.

Many videos of Allen West’s speeches are available on YouTube, but this one really gives the measure of the man. This is his speech at the “Jihad –The Political Third Rail:  What They Aren’t Telling You” conference sponsored by the Freedom Defense Initiative in February 2010:

We encourage you to explore this website and get to know Allen West better. If you have questions, ideas to share, or even a bone to pick with anything said here, please leave a comment!  If you like what you find here, you can subscribe for free, so you’ll get daily or weekly emails with the latest postings.

Since 2012 is just two years away, Allen West will only be drafted as the GOP presidential nominee if there is a massive grassroots movement.  Several sharing options are offered for each posting, and we encourage you to take advantage of them.  There are also several “Allen West for President” pages on Facebook (including “Allen West for President in 2012,” which links to this site); Facebook is a great place to network with others who share the goal of seeing President West in the White House.

Let’s roll!



  1. A bit premature but it won’t be too long before the entire country knows Lt Col West!

  2. Hi Love, Thanks for this site. This is going to be massive. Thank God Almighty.

  3. Allen West is just whom this country needs to bring us back from the edge of the cliff!! Send his website to all your friends – we need a ground-swell of support, and God willing, Col West will run in 2012.

  4. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100065525/allen-west-americas-next-black-president/
    ALLEN WEST – AMERICA’S NEXT BLACK PRESIDENT by James Delingpole (famous British blogger) in Telegraph UK – Thanksgiving Day 25 Nov 2012
    This comment by Kate Powell
    ALLEN WEST IN 2012

  5. I would vote for him faster than you can say JIHAD. I love this man.

  6. The main reason to love Allen West is the fact that Allen West loves America!!!

  7. My vote for our next President is for this brilliant man, Allen West!

  8. Is anyone printing bumper stickers, tshirts, etc. I would like to demonstrate my support for this great man.
    I am prior military. I have been saying all along that the US needs a President that has been to war and has seen the elephant. This man, no matter his color (and it will be brought up), is a veteran, a patriot, a warrior and a statesman.
    I want to spread his name all over the place.
    Thank you.

    • Allen West for President promotional products are available at Zazzle.com. There is a direct link in the sidebar to the right, just above the Blogroll.

  9. I like many Americans, learned the hard way in 2008. I learned that I need to be informed on who it is that I vote for. I have been studying many possibilites and was referred to this site. I am deeply moved by the voice of truth that is Lt Col West. I am still looking at others but I have a feeling that none will quite come this close. I still love Palin but I feel that West is the answer to our current problems. Please, if there is anyway I can help, let me know. I think I would be willing to help campaign in my area. I have no experince but I have will. Maybe handing out pamphlets or something. West 2012!

  10. We need this man.

  11. Thank you for all of this information. I’ve been talking about Allen West for quite a while. He is my presidential pick for 2012.

    • He’s more than just a “presidential pick,” isn’t he? He’s a whole different species from what “politician” has come to mean!

  12. I, too, love the man.He’s exactly what we need with the world, and the middle east especially, exploding. West/Bolton would be excellent, wouldn’t it?

    Imagine him being president whenn four American Christians are murdered near Somalia. And domestically….he WOULD maka a stern statement about Democrats refusing to vote in Wisconsin and then, once the vote went through, yelling “Shame, shame, shame” and throwing things at Republicans.

    I’m furious about B.O. and his Obots. I’m so sick of well-meaning people being too hung-up on skin color to research the man (my father-in-law, for instance). I’m sick of communists in our streets. I’m furious that the old media is so blatantly false and mean and….well, considering the state of the U.S. and world today, EVIL.

    And that’s the point. Evil is everywhere these days; I don’t mean this in a conspiratorial way, but it’s becoming obvious. Everybody is out to get America’s scalp, and we have a treasonous imposter in the White House who’s giving it away piece-by-piece to his cronies and the Third World. (I just heard today that he gave $650 million of “stimulus” money to cities for “anti-obestity” efforts!)

    I’m disgusted and afraid that either we won’t get to vote in 2 years, the country won’t be here or damaged beyond repair, or that voter fraud will allow this clown to do another four years of partying as the world burns. I’m sick of watching him lie and of hearing about Michelle Antoinette’s latest vacation. (The Motown party last night, when Americans are still trapped in Libya?) I’m sick of watching him tromp on our constitution and ignore our laws. It’s past time to impeach.

    But back to West. Like the person above, I’ll do whatever I can to help. This is a crucial time in our history when we need someone with the guts and integrity of a George Washington. I love Palin — West/Palin would be good, too. But I know in my heart that, while Palin would surround herself with advisors like West, it would be even better to have a man of his caliber in the Oval Office (and I bet he won’t put his feet on the desk.)

    • Excellent comments, Vlad. Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute.

      Yeah, I love Palin, too.

      But West is a Churchill. And, even though most people don’t see it yet — obviously, you do, Vladdy! — the United States is in every bit as bad of a pickle as England was in 1939-40, and we need a Churchill!

  13. At present, every Western nation needs people like Allen West like never before. If only I was a US voter, I would vote for him at the drop of a hat.

    Good luck Mr West.

  14. My prayers were answered the very first time I heard Allen West speak. I have listened closely since that first day. Like many Americans, I had become frightened & sad at what I felt was being done to the nation I love. I thought “Doesn’t anyone see?” Then I heard Allen West & I knew that someone indeed did. I saw a man who loves our country & its principles as much as I do. And, I knew that if anyone could turn this thing around, it is Allen West. He will be a great President ~ probably the greatest one in our history. For we are facing something very grave that only a man like Allen West can change. I recognized his heart. The heart of a patriot. My own patriotic heart rejoiced. We are far from home free, but there is hope where there was despair. There is love where there was hate. There is pride where there was disdain. Patriotism is alive & well in America. God bless her.

  15. This man that I have just learned of has to be the greatest man alive. He is the person we real Americans need in D.C. I too have been in the service and now I am ashamed of the way we have let the whole world run over us. The America that I was born into in 1949 is not the same nation that it once was and we , YES , we all have let it happen. Now is the time to speak up or shut up. We true Americans must get behind this powerful man and support him in any way we can.We have to do this NOW, we can’t wait another day, tomorrow will be too late, do it now or let the most powerful nation on the face of the earth become doomed. PLEASE people,please listen to what Allen West is telling you. Either you get off your dead ass and help in the fight together to regain our country back or you can pack what little you will have left in a very few years in a sack and stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. We are headed down hill in this country and gaining speed. SO, if it is the last thing you ever do for your children or grand children, stand up and support ALLEN WEST in his quest to retake OUR COUNTRY BACK. Thanks for listing to just one old man who just awaken to realize whats going on.

  16. Allen West is amazing.
    The more I see him speak…the more I want to see of him.
    He is articulate, fearless and Brilliant.
    We need him…now, not later.

    On all of the Conservative Blogsites that I read around on…they are talking about him.
    It is heartening to see that there are so many others that are Fans of West.
    And it seems that all it takes to become a Fan of Allan West, is to watch some of his speeches.
    The likes of which I have not seen on our side, since Ronald Reagan.

    Perhaps if enough of us call upon him…he will run?

    Of course, the crusty RNC establishment will not approve…so it will be a fight.
    But a fight worth waging, I think.

  17. Dear Congressman West,
    I fear you are sick of hearing from me. I try to be brief & to the point, but I imagine that you don’t have the time to personally read your own emails, so maybe you have never even seen mine. Please, I am asking whoever screens emails to give this one to him to read. It’s important to me, to our country. I have received kind enough responses each time, but they all say the same thing ~ to sign up for your update newletters, which I did months ago & look forward to each one! I live in WA state, have tried contacting my own legislators here many times. I don’t even receive anything that let’s me know whether they have been received. I, at least, get that from your staffers, I guess.

    This causes me to feel that I have to start from scratch each time. It is Easter tomorrow & I pray that someone will show you my note this one time. For I am writing not just for me, but for many Americans ~ we all have the same fears. We know how terribly wrong things are under an impostor in OUR White House that should NOT be there. Mr Soetoro-aka-Obama is not legal. I’ve been researching for a year now & found things I can hardly believe. However, it has become very apparent that they are true. This man did NOT do this on his own. He couldn’t have. There are too many lies & they require money to hide ~ a lot of money. It was also money from this source that got him elected in 2008. The Saudis have paid for his fake degrees, his campaign funding of $750MILLION dollars. All of this & so much more has been not just illegal, but unconstitutional.

    From what I’ve read the 4th & 20th Amendments to the our Constitution deal with this. If a sitting president(I’m not capitalizing deliberately~he is no president)has committed an act that is unconstitutional, it is the responsibility of the Congress to deal with it immediately!! I want to know why nothing has been done? Why was Obama(not even his legal name!)allowed to remain in the position of President & Commander-in- Chief of our Armed Forces after he deployed troops to Libya w/o consulting Congress? He is not allowed to exercise that executive privilege unless it is an emergency & there is a direct threat to the United States of America ~ of which there was not!! He states one day “No boots on the ground.” Yet, 3days later that’s exactly what he did. And, if that is not bad enough, he leaves for another “vacation” in South America. He also supplied money & arms to the rebels in Libya, when it is known that some of those “rebels” are trained radical terrorists. It appears as if Obama is deliberately trying to get our troops killed. Send them to an area where chaos reigns, supplying the enemy w/ arms to kill our troops, who are under some strange new “Rules of Engagement” that say they cannot fire unless fired on first!! Tying their hands!! More of our brave men & women have been killed in the last 2yrs than in the preceeding 8yrs. But, I have a notion I’m not telling you anything new.
    *I need to take a break. I’m trying to do this on my cell phone as my laptop bit the dust a few months back. Tiny screen = vision problems. If this message flies off on its own, I will continue from where I left off. Please bear w/ me! In fact, I would prefer to send this part now, to ensure it doesn’t disappear & I will finish up w/ part 2 after I rest my eyes. Thank you. I apologize for the length. I have kept all others brief, but this time I need to get it all said.
    Closing for now.
    Joyce Sutherland

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