Posted by: theheartlander | April 6, 2011

Allen West wows the locals

On his Washington Post blog, Chris Cillizza raves about Allen West’s speech to the annual banquet of the local Republican Party of the District of Columbia:

D.C. Republicans may have made a surprising choice in having the very conservative, tea party Rep. Allen West (R) keynote their Lincoln-Douglass Dinner [last] Thursday night. But West proved an adept politician, tailoring his speech almost perfectly for the audience.

In contrast to the bombastic speeches he’s given at other events, West delivered a measured, historically rooted case for black involvement in the Republican Party, with a focus on urban issues. He got a standing ovation for his support of school vouchers in D.C., which passed the U.S. House on Thursday, and he showed familiarity with many local Republican candidates and issues.

“Republicans are making progress in the black community in the city of D.C.,” he declared. He said that many black voters would privately express their frustration with Obama but were afraid to say it out loud: “It’s time for the whispering to stop.”

“He laid out a classic black conservative argument,” said Richard Ivory, founder of the blog Ivory said that, in crafting such a D.C..-centered message, the Iraq veteran West proved himself to be a true military strategist.

Oh, yeah.



  1. Delighted to hear that West made such an outstanding presentation at that important annual event – good for the organizers for inviting him!! Bet my old friend (well, we only “know” each other online), Frances, the Prez of the Nat’l Black Republican Ass’n (NBRA), was there to hear & cheer him, too!

    I also think it’s politically savvy to hold his nose and join the Black Caucus – keeps those silly Libtards on their toes!!

  2. Thanks for posting his statement re the CBC, West for West – it’s very cogent and direct! The CBC can no longer be just an echo chamber for the Dems & the Far Left – not as long as Allen West is there to rain on their parade! I think some of them might start to come around to his honest and heart-felt stands on the important issues, but those ego-driven male members, in particular, won’t give him an inch and will just resent his presence. He’s forcing bipartisanship where it’s never been before – and that’s LONG overdue! Keep up the great work, Rep. West!

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