Posted by: theheartlander | April 3, 2011

Obama needs to get a clue from the president of Chile

This is so awesome.

From LifeSiteNews:

A group of 37 pro-life organizations active at the United Nations presented an award to Chilean President Sebastián Piñera Echenique last Saturday in an event that was covered by the country’s television networks and other major media. Dan Zeidler, coordinator of the International Committee for the Protection of Life, praised the pro-life policies of the Chilean government as he handed the award to Piñera, pointing out that the country’s prohibition of all surgical abortions is accompanied by the lowest infant mortality rate in Latin America.

“We celebrate that more Chilean women have given birth more safely than ever,” Zeidler said. “Chile is a good example for other countries of the world that are trying to reduce their maternal mortality to reach the Millennium Development Goals of the UNO (United Nations Organization).”

The International Protect Life Award was given to Piñera not only for his country’s complete prohibition of the killing of unborn children, but also because his government has maintained policies that care for women facing difficult pregnancies and promote the value of human life in television campaigns.

The government’s “Committed to Life” program offers assistance to women who face financial challenges and other problems during their pregnancies. The “Chile Grows with You” advertising campaign features a pregnant woman with the slogan, “My (unborn) child hears and experiences the world just as I do. We’re connected!” The ad says: “An invitation from the government to protect children.”

President Sebastian Pinera of Chile (right), receives the International Protect Life Award from Dan Zeidler, coordinator of the International Committee for the Protection of Life.

On President Piñera’s own official website, he says:

“It is…  not enough to say that we are in favor of life and against abortion. If we want to be consistent with our principles, we must be able to provide emotional, psychological and practical help and support to those women who are vulnerable, because they have to deal with a pregnancy under difficult conditions.”

President Piñera has supported and/or launched a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring that society stays family-friendly.

“Many have discussed the effects on employment of the six month postnatal maternity leave program. It is true, there are consequences for employment, but let’s look at the other side: what is the value to a child of spending the first six months of life with his or her mother, given that this is the most vulnerable time of their life, and also the period of greatest potential?”

In his concluding remarks upon acceptance of the International Protect Life Award, President Piñera said:

“I accept this award on behalf of all Chilean women, especially Chilean mothers, because it motivates and encourages us to continue working towards a society that has body and soul.”

A society that has body and soul.

Would that the president of the United States were committed to that same ideal!

President Allen West will be.


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