Posted by: theheartlander | March 22, 2011

A dose of “Allen West Awesomeness”

Courtesy of  The Right Scoop and The Shark Tank, we have this video footage of Allen West’s recent speech at the 2nd 9/12 Project Picnic in Lake Worth, FL:



  1. There are a lot of Allen West supporters very upset with him right now because of how he voted in regard to the Patriot Act. He needs to take the time and tell all of us why he voted the way he did. I attended the Save America Convention in Tampa this weekend and the room was full of people wanting answers.

    • We all do things for a reason, if he was asked then what was his answer?? lets not judge him because he did something he thought was right at the he hanging out with George Soro’s or attending church at reverend wrights church?? Then I would question his motives ..

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