Posted by: theheartlander | March 11, 2011

The “Draft West” movement is GROWING

On Facebook, Allen West for President pages/groups are springing up like mushrooms.

You may already know that this blog is linked to the “Allen West for President in 2012” page.

And our friend C.M. Sackett has the wonderful “ALLEN WEST for President” page.

But there are many others — and the one that has me the most excited right now is the “DRAFT ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012” page.  These people get it:  Allen West will only be a presidential candidate in 2012 if we draft him for the nomination, as the GOP did with Eisenhower in 1952.

This stirring video was recently posted on this blog’s Facebook page by a member who is also a member of the new Draft Allen West in 2012 page, which is growing very rapidly. When I joined that page a mere 48 hours ago, there were some 1,700 members. As of this posting, there are 2,265!



  1. Please go to the Draft Allen West page and sign the letter they are going to send to Allen West asking him to run for President in 2012. They want to let Allen West know all the people all over the country that support him to encourage him to run. The link is:!/home.php?sk=group_190201370999871&ap=1

  2. Might be good if you folks had a petition or a link to one.

  3. In fact, we DO have a letter we would love to have EVERYONE sign onto! It will be on the Draft Allen West FB page through March 13th. We invite all who wish to see Allen West sent to the RIGHT house in 2012 to drop in and leave their name and location on that letter. Here is the link :!/photo.php?fbid=1777607574282&set=o.190201370999871&theater

    Thanks also for this GREAT mention!!!

  4. We got Allen West in 2010 for Congress, and we need him in 2012 for our President!! We are desperately trying to hang on until we have him for our president!! God bless this man and his family, and make him our leader, that we can be proud of. Instead of the DISGRACE, that we have in Washington right now. One who apologizes to the Evil ones, and our enemies.

  5. go for it Mr. west

  6. It has come to our attention that if you follow the link!/photo.php?fbid=1777607574282&set=o.190201370999871&theater to the Draft Allen West page, you will need to become a group Member in order to sign this letter encouraging West to Run. We hope you will do so and we hope you will stay on as part of this fine group. However, if you just want to drop in, sign the letter and leave…we understand…but remember…there IS strength in numbers!!!

  7. Go for it

  8. We need to send the letter to the RNC. I have Emailed them, but everyone should do it as awell.

    • Absolutely – hope everybody will email the RNC – I let them know I will renew my membership and start contributing again once they do it.

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