Posted by: theheartlander | February 24, 2011

If you think Allen West was too rough on that CAIR guy, you haven’t read today’s news

Just in case you thought Allen West was laying it on a little strong at that town hall the other night, check out the latest from the Religion of Peace™.

Federal authorities yesterday arrested Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari in Texas for plotting terrorist attacks, including on the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush. From Jihad Watch:

Aldawsari, who was lawfully admitted into the United States in 2008 on a student visa and is enrolled at South Plains College near Lubbock, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.According to the affidavit filed in support of the complaint, Aldawsari has been researching online how to construct an IED using several chemicals as ingredients. He has also acquired or taken a substantial step toward acquiring most of the ingredients and equipment necessary to construct an IED and he has conducted online research of several potential U.S. targets, the affidavit alleges. In addition, he has allegedly described his desire for violent jihad and martyrdom in blog postings and a personal journal….

The affidavit alleges that Aldawsari also e-mailed himself instructions on how to convert a cellular phone into a remote detonator and how to prepare a booby-trapped vehicle using items available in every home. One e-mail allegedly contained a message stating that “one operation in the land of the infidels is equal to ten operations against occupying forces in the land of the Muslims.” During December 2010 and January 2011, Aldawsari allegedly purchased many other items, including a gas mask, a Hazmat suit, a soldering iron kit, glass beakers and flasks, wiring, a stun gun, clocks and a battery tester….

FBI agents also found a notebook at Aldawsari’s residence that appeared to be a diary or journal. According to the affidavit, excerpts from the journal indicate that Aldawsari had been planning to commit a terrorist attack in the United States for years. One entry describes how Aldawsari sought and obtained a particular scholarship because it allowed him to come directly to the United States and helped him financially, which he said “will help tremendously in providing me with the support I need for Jihad.” The entry continues: “And now, after mastering the English language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for Jihad.”…

[boldface mine]

The Qur’an commands every Muslim to spread Islam, by violent or non-violent means, depending on the circumstances. Aldawsari was just fulfilling his religious obligation.  How do we reconcile that with the freedom of religion we hold sacred in this country? Can we rightly prosecute someone just for practicing their religion as they see fit?

It seems an impossible conundrum, until we discover — through historical, philosophical, legal and anthropological analysis — that, in fact, Islam is NOT a religion. I’ll be writing more on that subject later.



  1. I don’t understand for the sake of my life how any one could read any part of a
    so called holy book that condones murder in any way. How could any one call that
    a religon.
    The cristan,Jew,hindu, do thay condone murder no they don’t.So you tell me
    If Islam is so peaceful how is it the it condone murder of other incent people just because they don’t belive in the same way as they do. much less in the murder of their own women and childern. It’s not a religon it’s a politicial Idealogy

  2. This sorry waste of flesh made weapons of mass destruction on The U.S.’s dime to then turn around and destroy as many of us as he could, including President George W. Bush!!!
    He was also targeting water supply plants and power plants.

    I guarantee there’d be none of this nonsense going on with Allen West in The West wing. Send this TERRORIST to Gitmo to rot. He was apprehended by the FBI because a guy who he bought large amounts of chemicals from made a call.

    THIS guy got caught. THIS was a huge operation. THIS was not just one guy all by himself. I’m not going to ask what’s next, because I don’t want to know the answer unless it’s that Allen West is our President.

    What, besides another 9/11 on steroids, does this administration, this country need to wake the HELL up and stop the madness.

    Really hope Dallas City Hall got the word that they’re having a “parade” and a celebration of Allah there at 1:30 tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 27.

  3. Join us to release our wrongly incarcerated warriors! West support us!

  4. Col. West is a patriot, unlike what we have in the W.H. now! West understands these people & exactly what they are planning & can do. The American Public is FINALLY starting to awaken to this crisis, while our President is doing his best to let them take over! I applaud Col. West!

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