Posted by: theheartlander | February 18, 2011

“Obama’s assault on domestic energy now a 4-alarm fire”

In case you missed this at RedState:

OK guys. This is tough love time. I can’t put it any other way, things are getting really serious. While we have been distracted with goings-on in the Middle East those in the present administration are wrecking havoc on our domestic fossil fuels and will stop at nothing to cripple our whole energy system. And we know this has been the plan all along.

Make no mistake. It’s all. About. Control.

I am talking about Sunstein, Obama, EPA, Steven Chu (Dept of Energy), Ken Salazar, Soros, Brasil, BOEMRE, Working Families Party, the whole nine yards. Did I leave anyone out?

…People are going to have to start paying attention and this has to get to the right people who can legislate, go to court, enforce contempt of court rulings, etc. or we’ll be living in caves with no wood, no matches. Only solar panels where there is no sun and windmills where there is no wind.

And to Doc Hastings Chair of House Natural Resources: let me be perfectly CLEAR, I’m sure you are competent and a very nice man, but writing letters to Obama’s minions, doing op-eds in The Hill and issuing press releases is NOT going to get this fixed. Even if Obama does read these letters, which I highly doubt, I am sure he immediately tosses them in the huge trash can next to his desk which also contains wadded up copies of the Constitution. We are losing thousands of jobs. We are losing coal mines, natural gas and oil wells and exploration. Millions upon millions of dollars in revenue and taxes which should be keeping us energy independent from the Middle East especially now when things are so uncertain are going down the tubes.

I am not normally an alarmist, but what I am seeing is truly alarming. A four-alarm fire with no fire hydrant in sight. Gonna lay it all out:

  • EPA pulls permit for Arch Coal mine in WVA citing “Clean Water Act” abuse. Aleady in use. WVA is second in coal production in the country.
  • Troubled Massey Energy is bought by Alpha Natural Resources. George Soros had 59,800 shares in Massey. No wonder Arch Coal lost the bid. Soros is now the proud owner of MOST of WVA coal mines.
  • Chevron, who has been embroiled in a lawsuit in Ecuador for 18 years, and was a couple days ago ordered by an Ecuadoran court to fork over $8.6 billion announced it is exiting the coal business. Chevron on twit says “no connection.” But I ain’t so sure.
  • Shell, who was the sole grantee of a permit for oil exploration in the Beaufort Sea after Dept. of Interior announced its moratorium was slapped down by the EPA who pulled their air permits. Shell has apparently decided it ain’t worth the hassle to fight the EPA and is pulling the plug on offshore drilling in Alaska.
  • Interior Dept. in civil contempt of court for failure to lift Gulf drill moratorium.
  • Hey, Mr. Obama. Bet ya already knew this, but I’m gonna tell these folks here: where does the metallurgy come from to build those solar panels? You guessed it: China, which has a monopoly.
  • With the assistance of ACORN/Bertha Lewis-spawned Working Families Party and actor Mark Ruffalo, NY Gov. Paterson bans natural gas horizontal hydrofracking.
  • PA puts Ruffalo on terror watch list for promoting ultra-lib/inflammatory/anti-natural gas hydrofracking film “Gasland.” The film shows a young kid from PA tooling around PA and the country attempting to set tap water on fire, and blaming it on natural gas. FYI this film is up for an Academy Award. Unfortunately NOT in the fiction category, so let’s keep this one quiet and hope it doesn’t win otherwise the libs will be out buying it like hotcakes and causing more troubles.
  • At least 50 Texas coal and NG plants go down in cold weather and they have to buy electricity from Mexico. Did EPA orchestrate this with their new regs? Pat Dollard says “yea” but I can’t confirm this as yet. But mighty suspicious…
  • Obama loans Brasilian mega-oil company Petrobras $2 billion when they have tons of revenue and we have plenty of areas here for drilling. Coincidentally, Soros a couple days before dumps 22 million shares of common stock and buys 5.8 million preferred. FYI Common stock has voting rights but the preferred is paying in excess of a 10% dividend.

And for all those who think that wood and timber are not on the table, think again. I met a colleague at CPAC from California who told me they have “rolling blackouts” on wood burning fireplaces and 65 “chimney police” who patrol looking for smoke out of chimneys.

Do you notice that nearly all of the blocking actions above are done with the excuse of reducing “greenhouse gases”? It’s as if ClimateGate never happened — as if the completely unethical stunts pulled by major players such as the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, NASA and the U.N.’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) did not completely invalidate their stated conclusions. I recommend as the best, biggest, clearinghouse for information on this topic.

I hope I have overwhelmed and filled your brains which is what the Obama administration wishes: to deflect, to disorient and to distract.

That is classic Alinsky and Cloward-Piven tactics.

It gets worse.  The author of the piece spoke with Dan Simmons of the Institute for Energy Research, who read the piece and said that it “doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what is going on.”

You can find the members of the House Natural Resources Committee here which I suggest everyone contact pronto.

Members of Fred Upton’s House Energy and Commerce Committee are here.

Scan those lists of committee members and see if your Representative is on either of them; if so, you know what to do! The Congressional switchboard number is 202-224-3121.


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