Posted by: theheartlander | February 9, 2011

Walid Phares shocks Lou Dobbs with revelations of which groups in Middle East the Obama administration has been working with — and which ones it has not

Dr. Walid Phares is a Lebanese-American legal scholar, professor at National Defense University, and Fox News expert on the Middle East. If you watch Fox News very much, you’ve probably seen him, and you already know he is one very sharp guy.  Prepare to be blown away by this interview he gave on the Lou Dobbs radio show on Monday regarding the situation in Egypt, and the inner workings of the Obama Administration. It’s dynamite. We’ve got to hope Republicans in Congress are listening:

If the embed doesn’t work for you, you can go to Lou Dobbs’ site, HERE, scroll down to the Walid Phares interview on February 7, and press the download icon.

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