Posted by: theheartlander | February 6, 2011

“Mahmoud”: A captive set free!

Muslim Journey to Hope is a ministry by former Muslims to others who are still in the spiritual bondage of Islam.

In these men and women, we see the Gospel message written in very bold relief :  Jesus came to set the captives free — that is who He is.

The Bible says that God does not desire the destruction of anyone, but rather that everyone might come into the light of Truth and be saved. (See Ezekiel 18:23,32; 2 Peter 3:9)

Very often (almost daily!), I am tempted to be furious at Muslims; it’s easy to forget that our fury should be directed at the demons that hold them captive and torment them — for, make no mistake, to really believe Islam is to be tormented terribly, as we see in this video.

Only the Lord can free them; we just need to pray that their hearts will be opened to His grace — and pray for the Christian missionaries and radio ministries that are trying to get the message to them. We also need to pray for the safety and peace of Muslims who have left Islam.  They are in grave and constant danger of being put to death according to the inhuman dictates of shari’a.

I do believe that our prayers for the conversion and salvation of the Muslims are prayers that God always hears, and that He puts to good use. Testimonies such as Mahmoud’s prove it!


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