Posted by: theheartlander | January 28, 2011

Why can’t Chuck get his business off the ground?

This entertaining little video from the Institute for Justice gives more genuine insight about how things really work in today’s America than you would get from a four-year college program in economics!

My own experience as a small-business owner — and that of most other entrepreneurs I know —  confirms this little video’s demonstration of how government overregulation kills innovation, jobs and prosperity.

But many Americans have yet to wake up to the way big corporations — and unions — collude with government to promulgate regulations that kill off smaller businesses (which, by the way, are less likely to be unionized).

It’s a great myth that businesses, especially big prominent corporations, want less government intervention in the economy. On the contrary, they love government power because it provides things they can’t achieve in a freely competitive marketplace where force and fraud are barred….

Burdens from government rules don’t fall uniformly on all firms. Major corporations with big legal and accounting departments can handle regulations far more easily than small firms can — or one that is still only a gleam in the eye of an aspiring entrepreneur….

In American history big companies were behind virtually ever advancement of the regulatory state….

Often big companies and unions are on the same side of regulatory issues, as when the heads of Walmart and the Service Employees International Union [SEIU] stood shoulder to shoulder to support Obamacare. But even when they disagree, it is usually over how government should manipulate the economic system. The debate is never between regulation and hands-off.

It’s not free enterprise when the government uses regulations, the tax code and other tricks to pick the winners and losers in the marketplace. If we want our economy to function the way it should — creating wealth and generating jobs — we need to break up the three-way Mussolini-like collusion of government, unions and some of the biggest corporations.

Allen West has certainly got his work cut out for him on the House’s Small Business Committee!

Hat tip: Pesky Emotional Republican


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