Posted by: theheartlander | January 7, 2011

Allen West lights the way at the Americans Against Hate conference

Somehow, in the busy days leading up to Christmas, I missed this. Did you?

On December 12, Americans Against Hate, a predominantly Jewish group dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism with truth, bestowed its “Protector of Zion” award on Allen West. There are so many choice lines in West’s awesome acceptance speech that I kept wanting to pause the video and write down his words!  Here’s a good one:

There is nothing wrong with standing upon the Judeo-Christian faith heritage that we find in the United States, that we find in Israel, that we find all across Western civilization.

Talk about politically incorrect! No wonder the Left hates him so much!

We have got to recognize who the enemy is. Because my fear is that right now we are standing in a 1930s Neville Chamberlain moment.

Yessir, and you, Congressman West, are our Winston Churchill!

Readers, take a few minutes to watch the whole thing, because this warrior-scholar-leader packs more insight into nine minutes than anyone else I can think of.  As many of Allen West’s speeches as I have watched, and as many books as I’ve read about Islam, I still learn some new fact or gain some new insight from this man every time I hear him speak.  He is simply amazing.


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