Posted by: theheartlander | January 1, 2011

Mr. West Goes to Washington

Congressman-elect Allen West, newly settled into a basement apartment in central Washington,

plans an austere life in the nation’s capital with no car and little time for socializing.“I’ve had a life of being deployed 10,000 miles away, so this is not a hardship whatsoever….”

The freezing weather hasn’t fazed him.“I have a nice office with a roof. And I have a nice little basement apartment, which is cozy,” he said.

“I’m not up here to have a social life. I’ll be working or on the Metro (subway) late at night to get back to my apartment and get a few hours of sleep. And then right back to work.”

Allen West has always described his running for Congress as an extension of what he did for 22 years in the military: serve his country. Evidently, he is also bringing to his new job in Washington the same kind of rigorous discipline that marks the military!

Someone in the comment thread sees Allen West’s potential the same way we here at West to the West Wing do:

Now, sir, from your apartment, walk south on N Capitol St until reaching Pennsylvania Ave. Turn right and walk 15 blocks. Stop. At your 10 o’clock position you’ll see a large, white, two story, structure. Make note of it. It will be your home in the not too distant future….

We hope so!



  1. Thanks for this post and this blog. Here’s a nice New Year’s-type pic of Allen West you might like.

  2. Great picture, Kate! Thanks for linking. And thanks so much for sharing this post on your blog.
    By the way, I love your using the Magnificat as your profile.
    One more “by the way”: What do you mean by “monks”?
    You can email me at westforwestwing2012 at gmail dot com.

  3. Mr.West is Awesome! And I Hope He Gets There Soon!

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