Posted by: theheartlander | December 20, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque would take us past the “point of no return”

While we wait to find out the extent of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s possible ties with radical Islamist groups, let’s remember why the battle over the Ground Zero VictoryMosque that Bloomberg supports is so very important.  Stella Paul warns that the planned mosque would be a huge victory for radical Islamists in the “cultural jihad,” or “stealth jihad” by which they are attempting to take over our country without firing another shot or detonating another bomb. They’ve already achieved a surprising number of victories in this regard:

Some days, it feels like the whole country is writhing under the thumb of these bull goose loonies. In Irvine, Muslim students at the University of California have harassed and attacked Jewish students for years with impunity; an independent task force advised Jewish students to enroll elsewhere, since the UC administration was content to let the Muslim students keep running amok, defacing Holocaust memorials and assaulting Jews.

In Boston, a group of concerned citizens sounded the alarm about the radical leadership of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), including its Al Qaeda-lovin’ founder, now serving 23 years for terrorist pranks. The reward these plucky citizens got was a lawsuit for defamation, efficiently designed to shut them up while the ISB built a $22-million, Saudi-funded mega-mosque – excuse me, “Cultural Center” – in Roxbury, whose opening ceremony was jam-packed with groveling politicians.

With each new headline, each new shrieking insult to the mosque’s opponents, Americans [have] found it tougher to shake the distinctly unsettling feeling [that] our ruling class favors Islam. Perhaps our noble leaders are being intimidated or paid off or flattered or, in some other unknown way, appeased. Perhaps they just want to show off their moral superiority to us redneck dweebs.

Citizens protest the Ground Zero Mosque, New York City, June 6, 2010

But whatever [the politicians’] motives, the path is being plowed silky smooth for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, against the will of the people. But for what? What is the prize?

The prize is Shariah – the brutal, all-encompassing system of Islamic law every Muslim must obey. Shariah is the Hotel California of religious law – you can check in, but you can never check out. Allah has mandated every jot and tittle of Shariah into one big take-it-or-leave-it package – only there’s no leaving. If you’re Muslim, you follow it till you drop; if you’re an infidel living under Muslim rule, Shariah shoves you into official second-class status as a dhimmi, in which your nightmarish role is to kowtow to your masters and fork over your money to support them [i.e., the jizya, or Tax of Submission — the crippling tax you must pay for the privilege of staying alive as an an infidel under Muslim rule].

Shariah should come with a warning label: it’s poisonous for women, children and other living things. It encourages female genital mutilation, polygamy, wife-beating, forced marriages for girls, and “honor killings” of recalcitrant females. It orders all Muslims to wage jihad, either through stealth or violence, and recognizes no man-made laws, customs, or national borders. To Shariah adherents, our Constitution is a human construct, not Allah-given, and, therefore, not worth the parchment it’s penned on. All that matters is the ceaseless struggle to bring the world under Allah’s rule….

[T]he Ground Zero Victory Mosque will house [among other things] the Shariah Index Project. A cherished dream of … Imam Rauf, the Shariah Index Project will calibrate the state of Shariah compliance around the world, and diligently labor to spread and enforce it. It’s kind of like Santa’s list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice; only Shariah’s view of nice means public hanging of 14-year-old gays.

And someday soon, if President Obama has his way, dawn will break with the amplified call to prayer booming across the Ground Zero killing fields from the top of the 15-floor Victory Mosque.

One thing you can bet your life’s savings on: Allen West will never be one of those “groveling politicians” that would plow a silky smooth path to Shariah. Allen West is one of the patriots throwing nails into the road.



  1. Stella Paul’s words had such a chilling effect on me that I’m almost speechless – definitely frightening and sickened by what i perceive to be Hell of Earth if this ever comes to pass. What I envision is the slow islamofication of the USA so that generations in the future will be living this nightmare – only they might very well not consider it a nightmare if they completely submit and convert, thereby lifting themselves from dhimmi status to “first class.” This is one of those times that I’m grateful that I don’t have children or grandchildren who might have to submit to this renewed slavery in our land!

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