Posted by: theheartlander | December 14, 2010

If we didn’t laugh…

…we’d cry.  Or go crazy.

This takes the cake:

It started with Iran’s arrest of fourteen squirrels accused of being Western spies. Yes, you read that right: squirrels. (“Seems the moles have some competition!”)

And then there were the two Israeli pigeons that were caught doing surveillance on the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz.  (Presumably they were supposed to report back to Israeli intelligence — wouldn’t that make them “stool pigeons”?  Especially if they managed — as I dearly hope they did — to leave some stool samples on the mullahs’ heads before they got nabbed!)

And who knew that antelope could be used as spies? (That was in Lebanon.)  Well, if anyone could figure out how to do it, it’d be those crafty Jews, wouldn’t it!

Now, Egypt is getting in on the act, accusing Israel of orchestrating recent shark attacks on the shores of the Red Sea (to cut into Egypt’s income from tourism, don’t ya know).

But surely the worst thing those evil Zionist Masters of the World have done is to set wild boars loose in the fields of Samaria to eat up the crops of the poor Palestinian farmers.  Ah, you ask, but wouldn’t the boars — they are wild, after all — also invade the nearby Israeli croplands?  Ummm…  er… well, I don’t know, but… those evil genius Jews have got it figured out!  They probably implanted some kind of  computer chips inside the pigs’ brains!

Sheesh. I always thought American Ostrich Syndrome (put your head in the sand and pretend there are no bad guys in the world, and we should all just join hands in a circle, buy the world a Coke and teach the world to sing — Kumbaya, preferably) was the most delusional thing out there.

But hey, I’ll take American naïveté any day, over the fevered paranoia that puts bushy-tailed rodents under arrest.  (“Help, Bullwinkle, help!”)

Americans often have a hard time seeing anyone as an enemy, even when someone’s got a gun to their head.  But those who’ve been brainwashed by Muhammad’s cult tend to see enemies behind every tree…  or up in the trees!

Folks, it’s a zoo out there.

And that’s no joke.



  1. Great round-up of political zoo stories, W/W!! Hard to believe that some people will believe ANYTHING!! Personally, I’ve been dazzled by the incredible detective work that blamed the Israelis and the sharks for being so unfairly selective…

  2. Hilarious! Such poppycock and delusions! But, hey anything in this day and age is “fair Game” Eh?! Lets all blame it on the pigeon poop in central park!! LOL!

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