Posted by: theheartlander | December 13, 2010

A new villain in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia: Political correctness

Peter Kreeft, whom some of you may have met for the first time in the “movie” posted here yesterday, has often been called “the C.S. Lewis of our generation.”  Kreeft shares with that great Christian philosopher a vivid imagination, joyful spirit and winsome defenses of Christianity.

Kreeft is, as C.S. Lewis was, a “happy warrior.”  But Lewis is no longer here with us to defend his own work against the secularists. During his life, Lewis was clear that the Narnia chronicles were about the resurrected Christ, in the figure of a lion, whom he named Aslan.

“The whole Narnian story is about Christ,” Lewis once wrote. He said he “pictured him becoming a lion” because it’s the king of beasts and because Christ is called “The Lion of Judah” in the Bible.  Aslan, wrote Lewis, “is an invention giving an imaginary answer to the question: ‘What might Christ become like if there really were a world like Narnia?’”

C.S. Lewis died in 1963 and lived in a time before political correctness was master of our words and dictated we give all things equal billing. We must especially be careful not to label something “Christian” as it might hurt the feelings of those in that “religion of peace” Islam….

And so, in today’s constipated language of the elite, actor Liam Neeson, who was the voice of Aslan in the [just-released Voyage of the Dawn Treader, third in the Narnia series] told the London Telegraph that Aslan is not so much a symbol of Christ as he is a symbol for all spiritual leaders of all religions. “Aslan symbolizes a Christlike figure, but he also symbolizes for me Mohammed, Buddha and all the great spiritual leaders and prophets over the centuries.”

Naturally, the comment went through the Christian world like a sword through the heart. The beloved tales of Narnia have been near and dear to the hearts of Christian children for a few generations. Now, even that is being taken from them through Hollywood’s unwillingness to accept anything remotely connected to Christianity.

And its not just Liam Neeson, producer Mark Johnson apparently agrees.

Johnson agrees with the, shall we say, more inclusive analysis from Neeson, telling The Hollywood Reporter that “resurrection exists in so many different religions in one form or another, so it’s hardly exclusively Christian…. We don’t want to favor one group over another … whether these books are Christian, I don’t know,” Johnson added.

I’ve sometimes wondered if my Sunday blog postings, which have included a couple of Allen West’s Sunday-morning sermons — blatantly Biblical, explicitly Christian — might turn some people off, scare them away from Allen West as a political figure.  (“Ack!  Augh!  Arrgh!  The Religious Right!  Theocrats!  Christofascists!”  etc., ad nauseum.  You know the drill.)  I decided that I would run them anyway, because:

(1)  this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles — that’s a plain, historical fact; the founding fathers quoted Scripture constantly — and besides, faith is what makes Allen West who he is;

(2)  as Allen West has often said, Western civilization is in a struggle for survival against the same enemy — Islam — that’s been warring against us for nearly 1,400 years, and we won’t defeat it by surrendering our culture.

(3)  the whole reason we need Allen West as our next President is that he is a fighter.  He does not pull his punches.

Neither should we.



  1. I recently posted the following on another site, and your excellent analysis – and especially alluding to Allen West – inspired me to post this very salient fact again: C. S. Lewis was a “born-again” in that his Christian faith was rekindled at some point in his adult life, and, in fact, he became a devout Catholic (if memory serves). And that reaffirmaiton of his Christian faith informed all his writing henceforth: Namely, the Narnia Chronicles reflect that HISTORICAL and BIOGRAPHICAL FACT!! For Liam Neeson to open his pie hole for such garbage and moral equivalency to spew forth is just a reminder that he may be a great actor, but he’s certainly ignorant of the facts of life of one of England’s major literary figures! (O, I forgot, Neeson’s Irish…) Even worse, of course, is the clueless producer who’s simply awash in moral relativism and ignorance! Sort of like when producers make movies where the Arab Muslim terrorist may be the REAL villian, but they’ll often turn him (or them) into Nazis and rewrite the story to fit in the 1940s WW2 mold, make them into creatures from outer space or turn them into right-wing USA militias! They’ll disguise them into those safe and familiar villains, ’cause maintaining their Arab Muslim identity would “offend” the so-called ROP that actually cannot be offended enough (IMO) – even though it’s totally offensive itself!

    • I agree with your main points, Joy. A couple of details: C.S. Lewis was a determined atheist, not just a lukewarm pew-sitter, when the truth of Christianity knocked him upside the head. He describes the experience in his memoir “Surprised by Joy.”

      Lewis never did join the Roman Catholic Church, and boatloads of ink have been spilled in analysis of that fact. Lewis considered himself a small-c catholic, as do many in the Anglican Church. You probably know the reason he titled his greatest work of apologetics “Mere Christianity.”

      Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what C.S. Lewis would be saying about the times we live in now. We can get a pretty good idea from some of the writings of Peter Kreeft, who is often called the successor to C.S. Lewis — in large part because Kreeft has, in common with Lewis, a fantastic gift for vivid and unforgettable metaphor.

      If Kreeft is Lewis’ successor in fiction and in apologetics, I would submit that one of Lewis successors in social/cultural commentary is Chuck Colson, who has written several marvelous books about how important it is that Christians not only believe the Good News and practice it in their personal lives, but also that they look at all of society through the lens of a thoroughly Christian WORLDVIEW — and strive to bring the light of the Gospel to every sector of society, including media and entertainment, which shape people’s minds so powerfully for better or for worse.

  2. Your Sunday morning posts make me like Allen West even more. We need Jesus Christ front and center. It is Jesus Christ who will win this war for us.

    Thank you so much for this blog.

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