Posted by: theheartlander | December 12, 2010

Two Beautiful Minds

There was a hit movie called “A Beautiful Mind” about a schizophrenic genius. Today being Sunday, when we always try to share a spiritual message on this blog, we have a very different kind of “movie” playing, which I’ll call “Two Beautiful Minds” — neither of which is schizophrenic, but both are definitely geniuses, and the topic takes them to some very spiritual places indeed. This movie is nothing more than these two geniuses talking — with some introductory comments at the beginning, and some questions from the audience at the end.

I’m calling it a “movie” not just because of its length, but also because there is nothing dry or dull about this conversation. I learned, I laughed, I lost track of the time; like the best movies, it engaged both my mind and my heart. If it were a commercially-released movie shown in movie theatres, it would be on my “Top 10 Movies of the Year” list.

It’s labeled as a “debate” — but I’ve never seen a debate with so much warmth, wit and mutual respect between the two parties. I have long admired both Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft — I’ve read three of Spencer’s books and at least a dozen of Kreeft’s. It was deeply satisfying, as I watched this, to feel like I was right there in that room, participating in this lively dialogue with two of my favorite writers/thinkers/speakers. I guarantee you: Both of them will make you think of things you haven’t thought of before.

So kick back, take some time out of your busy pre-Christmas season… and just enjoy these two lovely men, and engage with these two beautiful minds!

UPDATE: Since I know how busy most folks are this time of year, there will probably be many who, despite good intentions, will miss this wonderful video.  If you would like to read a short report on it to at least give you an idea of some of the things Spencer and Kreeft discussed, you can read this press release that was issued by the college a few days later.  It’s no substitute for the video, but hopefully it will whet your appetite to see the whole thing at some later time….


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