Posted by: theheartlander | December 7, 2010

A Map to Break Your Heart

Take a good look at this map, for it affects your life more than you may realize.  The situation on the ground that this map represents not only impacts us today, but to a large degree, will determine our future.  No doubt the map will change over the next two years (this version dates from August 2010) — but we can be sure that some variation of it will be an important component in President West’s daily briefings.  It is a map to break your heart….

…or at least, it breaks mine.  I have always loved the people of Mexico.  It breaks my heart that millions of them now live in unrelenting terror because their entire country (except for the remote Baja California peninsula) is under the control of the drug cartels.  The huge cream-colored swaths on the map are the areas where two or more cartels are battling it out for control — and killing everyone in their way.  Since 2006, when President Felipe Calderón took office and began a tough crackdown on the drug lords — a squeeze that, albeit necessary, has prompted them to intensify their fights over turf — there have been more than 28,000 drug-related killings.

The map shows graphically why Arizona and Texas have been hit so hard by narcotrafficking violence:  They directly border the hottest war zones.

Allen West has said that sealing the U.S.-Mexican border is a matter of national security. The narcoviolence is one reason why.

Another reason is that Muslim terrorists are probably coming over — a situation we’ll look at in more detail tomorrow.



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