Posted by: theheartlander | December 4, 2010

Allen West speaks truth on a Sunday morning

An appropriate post for today is taken from The Right Scoop, and since it is an exclusive — i.e., not available through YouTube — you’ll just have to go to The Right Scoop in order to watch it:

Allen West Speaks Truth on a Sunday Morning

I recommend it highly. In my opinion, Allen West is a very good preacher.

In the span of 22 minutes, he makes many good points, but what stands out for me, personally, is his point that good leadership entails calling people back to God’s Word.  When a nation rebels against God, it loses the hedge of protection that God has placed around it — and without that protection, things go bad, very bad.

The implication (he didn’t say this next part, I’m just putting two and two together here) is that if you are a leader of people — if you are responsible for protecting them — then you would be remiss in your job if you didn’t at least point out the ways that we are tearing down God’s freely offered protection of our nation and thus making ourselves vulnerable to all manner of dangers and threats!

West does point out that the Bible, and Judeo-Christian principles, are what this country, speaking solely in terms of history, really and truly was founded on. I’ve heard him say on other occasions that our unique form of government, with its liberty and justice for all, is only possible because of our unique Constitution–and that that Constitution is the product of a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Anyhow, I’m going on too long here — what you really need to do is to get on over to The Right Scoop and listen to Allen West!


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