Posted by: theheartlander | December 2, 2010

When did YOU first catch on to Allen West?

It seems that most people outside the 22nd District of Florida were introduced to Allen West because of YouTube.  It’s no wonder that Allen West is a YouTube sensation, in an era when the Internet gives us access to ideas that the “mainstream” media suppress — and when politicians who know the issues and will talk straight about them are a rare and prized commodity.

It’s not only West’s big speeches that have gone viral, like the speech at CPAC earlier this year or the Election Night victory speech.  No, it’s also the quick takes we get when determined reporters catch him as he’s entering a Congressional orientation, leaving a meeting or going for a bathroom break!

My own “Allen West’s Greatest Hits” list would include the impromptu comments that first put Allen West on my radar screen:  Colonel Allen West Answers a Marine’s Question.”  That’s the one with “They are doing exactly what this book says.”  (to huge applause)  Come to think of it, we could just identify the video clips by the lines from them that are, no doubt, already making their way to Bartlett’s Quotations.  There’s his “The problem is not radical Islam; the problem is Islam” speech, the “Bayonets!” speech (which he gave on two minutes’ notice!), and of course, “Give me that damn gavel.”

It could be a parlor game: “Which YouTube video first turned you on to Allen West?”

The latest video that seems to be turning a lot of new folks on to Allen West — judging from the last week or so of cruising around conservative blogs — is the one below.  There are way too many great lines in it to pick just one quote to designate it.  I suppose we could call it the comparing-Obama-to-Neville-Chamberlain interview.

Then again, in this case maybe we should stick with the title it’s already got!



  1. I was fortunate enough to attend the very first luncheon that Congressman West spoke at – the Boynton Beach Republican Women’s Club. I’ll never forget telling my husband about the most amazing man I had the pleasure of meeting that day. He felt the same way – we have never been so inspired by anyone, let alone a political candidate, in our lives.

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