Posted by: theheartlander | December 1, 2010

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah:

Long before most Americans knew your name, I’d become one of your fans.  Having read an article about you in the Weekly Standard, I was impressed by your competence, as evident in the extraordinary things you’d accomplished in the brief time you’d been governor, and by your courage and integrity in rooting out long-entrenched corruption from your state’s political establishment.  You only rose in my estimation when, a few months later, I read an admiring article about you in a pro-life publication, and I took note of your fundamental decency, as shown in your bringing precious baby Trig to term (he’d not yet been born at the time the article was published).

Please note that, unlike many of your admirers, I do not consider this last point as anything heroic.  I’d have done the same, and regard it as basic human decency, the bare minimum one should expect of people who call themselves civilized.  Albert Camus once said – I’m paraphrasing – that it’s a pathetic state of affairs when a society holds up as heroes people who have simply done the decent thing. Giving birth to Trig is not what makes you my heroine – although governing Alaska with vision, energy and excellence while raising five kids certainly does.

Some people have a hard time believing how capable you are.  I remember the skeptics back in 2008 who said things like, “She must be short-changing something; no one could be a good governor and a good mom.”  Perhaps one reason I never had those doubts is that, living as I do in the rural heartland – “flyover country” – I know more than a few women who are as competent at multitasking as you are.  They’re not governors, but, like you, they sure pack a lot into 24 hours.  My part of the country,  with its history of pioneer resourcefulness, has a high concentration of what I call “superwomen” – they would laugh at the term, for they don’t see themselves as out of the ordinary – I’m speaking of women who help run their husband’s farm or small business while working a part-time job in town, homeschooling five or more kids, raising goats or chickens and a huge garden, canning up gallons upon gallons of homemade salsa and spaghetti sauce, teaching Sunday school, and bringing their homemade pies and casseroles around whenever someone in the neighborhood has a birth or a death in the family.

So you, and Ann Marie Buerkle, and Kristi Noem, and Michele Bachmann… are not a foreign, exotic species to me.  Admirable, gifted, accomplished, yes – but not creatures of fantasy. When I saw and heard so-called feminists saying that you shouldn’t be John McCain’s running mate because the responsibilities of office – especially if fate were to put you in the Oval Office – would prevent you from being a good mom, I just laughed.  Obviously, those “feminists” are not acquainted with the kind of women who live in my neck of the woods – and in yours.

High on the long list of things for which I’m grateful to you is the way that, just by being who you are, you have not only encouraged and empowered other “Mama Grizzlies” to run for office and help save our country, but you have also helped all of us pro-life, pro-family feminists to reclaim authentic feminism from the frustrated, wounded, angry people who hijacked it 40 years ago and warped it into their own image.  I have been a member of Feminists for Life for nearly 30 years, and a supporter of the Susan B. Anthony List for as long as it has existed.  SBA List director Marjorie Dannenfelser is one of my personal heroines, and I am immensely proud of the win rate of the SBA List candidates.  But any honest observer must acknowledge that you, Sarah, had a substantial role in those Election Day successes – not only by speaking and fund-raising for individual candidates, not only by endorsing them on Facebook, which introduced them to people all over the country, but also, just by being who you are.  It is your example more than anything else, I believe, that has reinvigorated authentic feminism – or what you have called “pioneer feminism.”  As a long-time pro-life feminist – who for years felt like a lonely voice in the wilderness – I have a very particular gratitude, admiration and affection for you.

Along with being the face of pioneer feminism, you have been the face of the Tea Party. The devilries of Obama, Pelosi and Reid would have provoked a reaction no matter what, since there are still so many Americans who believe in the bedrock American values of faith, family, freedom, personal responsibility and the adventurous entrepreneurial spirit.   Rick Santelli’s off-the-cuff coinage of the phrase “Chicago Tea Party” only ignited a conflagration because tens of millions of Americans, horrified by the explosion of the federal debt, were already like dry tinder just waiting to be lit.  But if Santelli’s rant was the spark, and the righteous outrage of millions of ordinary Americans was the fuel, then you, Sarah, were the fire-tender, the one who, more than any other single individual, has channeled that energy and given a voice to Americans who are feeling, as never before, despised and threatened by their own government.

You have been the heart, the soul, the face and the spirit of the Tea Party movement, its mobilizer and behind-the-scenes strategist.  The Left attacks you because they envy the way you can change the course of a political primary by endorsing a particular candidate; it eats them alive that you can mobilize millions of Americans to contact their elected representatives about some issue just by posting a few paragraphs on Facebook. The Left does not understand that the conservative revival is not about you any more than Rush Limbaugh’s huge audience is about Rush.  We love you because, like Rush, you don’t tell us what to think; rather, you validate and give voice to what we already know and feel.  Since the lamestream media ignore us at best, and savage us at worst, we cherish you because you articulate, with a very big microphone that the rest of us don’t have, the ideas that we want Washington to hear, loud and clear.

I think of you, in some ways, as our Mahatma Gandhi.  Gandhi never held elected political office, and yet he was the most powerful, influential figure in the Indian independence movement – indeed, there is no more beloved figure among Indians; they call him the “father of their country.”  And yet, he was never President or Prime Minister.  He did what none of those people could:  inspire and empower the people in a way that made them willing to make great sacrifices for a righteous ideal.  Gandhi wrote prolifically, gave speeches everywhere, led through personal example, and because of his genuine solidarity with the masses of India, was able to “speak truth to power” as the authentic voice of the Indian people.  Like him, you have influenced the course of events with your writing, speaking, personal example, and solidarity with “We the People.”

But now, there is talk of your seeking the top executive job in our government, and this gives me pause.  Not because a woman can’t do the job – just look at Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher.  But when you do look at them, you immediately notice something:  They were very, very different from you.  They got where they did – and performed effectively in those positions – by being very much like… men.  We love you, Sarah, and are inspired by you because you are not like a man.  You fulfill a very special role, and your femininity is an essential part of it.

I am not downplaying your toughness or competence; you’ve proven beyond doubt that you have plenty of those.   No, the difference between you and “the Iron Lady” has to do with the unique role that you are playing in our society – and specifically in the Tea Party movement – at this point in history.

The Tea Party is the most important political movement in decades – precisely because its origins were spontaneous, and it is genuinely grassroots, i.e., it has no official leadership structure.  Its decentralized, freewheeling nature is the source of its vigor and vitality.  And yet, if did not have some kind of leadership, it could easily lose focus and fizzle out.  What’s needed, then, is a rare type of leadership that works outside the usual channels.

As the conservative sweep of November 2 demonstrated, you are that leadership.  It was your endorsement that made the difference in enough races to give the GOP a new majority in the House, and a larger presence in the Senate.  But here’s the key point:  It worked because you are outside the official structures. Our movement is bottom-up, not top-down, and the “bottom” – the conservative grassroots – is powerful today in large part because you, as a free agent, are the wind beneath our wings.  Does anyone suppose that Glenn Beck by himself could have attracted the numbers that crowded Washington on August 28?  Even as Glenn Beck has inspired millions of Americans to really study the Constitution and American history – many of us for the first time in our lives – you are the one who is stimulating a rebirth of the American spirit.  Your positive outlook, warm affirmation of our country, and contagious love of life are a light for us in this dark time, and a source of real energy.

I am convinced that this energy will be dissipated if you go the conventional route of electoral politics.  I would remind you once again of Mahatma Gandhi, who empowered and sustained the Indian people as no elected official could.  Like him, you are a “kingmaker.”  As our unruly Tea Party movement moves forward, we need a kingmaker who stands outside party politics, and has greater influence because of that.  Elected officials and kingmakers are two very different roles, which ideally are filled by two very different kinds of people.  You are magnificently effective as the latter, as our victories on November 2 attest.

Conservatives across the country are grateful to you for focusing your unique and powerful spotlight on the likes of Kristi Noem, Sean Duffy, Ann Marie Buerkle, Tim Scott and Adam Kinzinger – a new generation of conservative American leaders who are going to shake up Washington and help put us on the road back to fiscal sanity and responsibility toward the generations that follow us.

But the most important person that your support helped to elect is the man I believe can save our country as our next President:  Allen West.  His Democratic opponent threw every dirty trick imaginable at him, and in a district that is more Democrat than Republican, all the lies and slanders could have sunk him.  They didn’t – in part because Allen West himself is such an amazing man, and there’s simply no suppressing him; in part, because the FL-22 Republicans who volunteered for him in droves are an incredible bunch of people who saw, early on, what a phenomenal person their candidate was, and then worked their hearts out for him; and partly because – and this might have been what put him over the top – your support increased his national name recognition, and thus helped bring much-needed financial support from around the country.

Allen West is ready to lead – he could walk into the Oval Office tomorrow and be job-ready – and we need him at the earliest opportunity – which means 2012.  Many people have noted the parallels between Obama and the appeaser Neville Chamberlain – with the radical Islamists being the Nazis who threaten world takeover.  I believe that God in His mercy has given us a Winston Churchill in the person of Allen West.

We are at war, and we need a wartime President.  The enemy is not only at the gates, but already within our borders.  Radical Islamists and their sympathizers have infiltrated not only the executive and legislative branches, but even our courts, and, it would appear, very high levels of our military.  Only one man has the deep knowledge of history; the keen understanding of the Islamic mind that comes from daily personal contact with Muslims as both foes and allies; and the boldness to speak the enemy’s name out loud, regardless of opposition, regardless of political correctness, regardless of the risks to his own personal safety.

Only one man has the toughness, born of decades of military discipline, to tell us the unpleasant truths about the struggle we are in; and the leadership that will inspire us to persevere through the “blood, toil, tears and sweat” that lie ahead of us.

Important as the most-discussed current issues are – jobs, taxes, health care – radical Muslims have declared war on us, whether we like it or not, and their clearly stated intent to annihilate us overwhelms all other issues.  With Allen West as our President and Commander in Chief, we can begin in earnest what will be a long but determined struggle to defeat this enemy.  Please help us, Sarah, to make this happen.  Help us to save our country.




  1. I must admit, you had me going for a moment, but I kept looking for the qualifying statement – the big “BUT!!” And, of course, you didn’t disappoint: You suggested that Sarah Palin would be better suited to a role as Head of the TP Movement – i.e., ANYTHING that would remove her from Allan West’s path to the POTUS! Well, if West is lucky, his FIRST stab at elected office – i.e., his FIRST term in the House of Reps – will be very successful. Then, if he’s VERY lucky, Palin will tap him to be her VP when she wins the GOP nomination.

    You’re right in league with the GOP “elites” who praise Palin with varying degrees of faint praise. I’m only on this site ’cause I genuinely like and admire West, but my numero uno is, of course, Palin. However, it’s interesting to see everyone jockeying for position! She’s so far out of the gate at this point – and West, of course, is mentioned ONLY in SOME Conservative circles within the GOP as, at best, a distant long shot.

    I think, frankly, you’re just spinning your wheels; but I like West and he DEFINITELY has a place in the (national) GOP unless he’s defeated in his re-election bid in 2012 OR the Palin/West ticket goes down to defeat.

    Interesting perspective, however – and it will be fun to see how everything falls out in 2012!!

  2. What femi-Nazi wrote this krap? Allen West would not participate in such KRAP, nor would he approve of somebody else doing it in his name.

    NICE TRY, THOUGH! Hope you enjoy your Obama money that you got to do this!

    • Ummmm…..HUH????? [WtWW says, scratching her head in befuddlement]

    • Judy,
      At what point in the article did you STOP reading? Cuz I can’t believe you’d be saying what you did if you read the whole thing….

  3. I did read the whole thing. And I know Allen West is an honorable man who not have anything to do with such a LOAD OF KRAP that you just wrote to attack Sarah Palin!

    • Good grief, I compared her to Mahatma Gandhi, for crying out loud! Most folks would think I went way over the top in my praise of her! You’re barking up the wrong tree, gal. I was donating oodles to SarahPAC and her legal defense fund before most folks even knew about them. And as I said in the article, I was a Sarah fan before most folks had ever heard of her. I would be the last person in the world to dis Sarah.

      BUT I do think THE most pressing issue is the existential threat to this country from radical Islam. And I am firmly convinced that Allen West is the Winston Churchill of our time to meet this threat that is even worse than the Nazis.

  4. NO, what you just did was pat Sarah Palin on the head and say good job bimbo, now sit down and shut up and let the big boys take the job you worked for, you’re just not MAN enough to do the job!

  5. Defeating Islam is not rocket science, it only takes a person with the will and strength to get the job done. You are frankly nuts if you think she cannot do the job. She has just spent two years taking on the most POWERFUL man in the world and all but defeating him in a brilliant display of decision making, common sense, and strategy. She has definitely proven up her decision making skills which is what presidents DO! Presidents do not go out on combat field…they just make the right decisions.

  6. And don’t get me wrong, Allen West is top of the list as far as I’m concerned. But we’re in the midst of a presidency of a man who spent 20 minutes as a senator then decided he could do the job when he had never once proven a wise decision in his life. What evidence do you have that Allen West is capable of making such decisions? NONE! Allen West is in the position he’s in because Sarah Palin and some other very wise republicans spotted him and rallied the party to his support! NOW it’s up to Allen West to prove he can make the decisions that prove up the quality of his words. Sarah Palin has already done it!

    • WHAT?! A man two steps short of general in the U.S. Army, with 22 years of service, including in four wars, leading men and women in countless high-pressure situations, has had no experience MAKING DECISIONS? Talk to the moms and dads of the troops whose lives he’s saved! Is there no “decision-making” involved in the jobs of brigade Operations Officer, regiment Executive Officer, and Battalion Commander? Would you say that Dwight Eisenhower never proved he could make wise decisions? Eisenhower never served a day in Congress. Neither did George Washington.

  7. Relegating Sarah Palin to the job of cheer leader for the republican party is just frankly stupid.

  8. Good points, Judy.

    If it makes you feel any better, I also love Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal–but I’m not backing any of them for President either. Sorry, but even Sarah has pulled her punches on the issue of Islam, I’ve seen her do it. They all do–except for Allen West. (Well, Newt’s upfront about Islam, but I’m not counting him.) Have you read the “About Allen West” page here at the site? And watched that video? I just can’t see anyone else who has that combination of grit, honesty, brilliance, scholarship, articulateness and leadership.

    Churchill, baby. Churchill. (except West speaks better and is in better shape!)

  9. I think Churchill had the many many years to prove himself. Allen West HAS NOT! And NO, Palin has NOT pulled her punches on Islam at all. Nice try, again, but NO BANANA!

    • Proved himself as an officer in the U.S. Army, over a period of 22 years, including in four different combat arenas. Q.E.D.

  10. This is nothing but an attack dog site full of Sarah Palin progressive commie talking points sponsored by WHOM? Certainly not Allen West.

    • I never claimed to represent Allen West. Allen West is fully committed to spending the next two years doing a bang-up job of representing the people of FL-22. If we want him as president we will have to DRAFT him for the GOP nomination in 2012. What I and other bloggers and facebookers are trying to do is build the momentum for that.

      The other sites are more focused on actually networking and organizing people. My own focus is a little different–just trying to get people talking about the important ISSUES (as opposed to personalities, party politics, etc.). That focus on issues is something that absolutely has to happen if there is to be any hope of drafting Allen West. As long as people are focused on personalities and such, the person with the most “hype” will be the one favored to win. That doesn’t necessarily yield the best person for the job.

      We also need to focus on election reform, which is why there is a whole page devoted to that here. As long as big states like Texas have “open primaries,” where Democrats get to pick the Republican candidate, we’ll get nominees like John McCain, whom very few Republicans were enthusiastic about.

  11. Good for Allen West, he is a true patriot and is to be honored for his service. Now let’s see if he can continue to honor the country with some good decisions that prove up his words and his worthiness to be president. Sarah Palin has already proven she does. Governor of Alaska, one of the biggest proucers of US GNP, Member of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, Mayor of a city for 6 years, took on the crooks in her own party and sent them to jail, managed a $multi-billion dollar budget for the state of Alaska (big-economics), negotiated a $multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline, took Alaska resource fund, which cost Alaskans not a penny and distributed a huge amount of it directly to the people, ALL the people, not just some, up to $6,000 per family, lowered property taxes for ALL Alaskans, eliminated the personal business property tax (they didn’t need it), commanded the Alaska National Guard, and much much more, plus at the same time mothered a family of 5…so now tell me again all the PROVEN successes in upper level management decisions Allen West has under his belt?

  12. We’re not talking issues here, we’re talking about you writing this fine nice letter basically calling Sarah Palin a bimbo and telling her to sit down and shut up because she’s not man enough for the job of president….THAT’S the propaganda on this site that I am objecting to.

  13. If you wanted to put up a site and promote Allen West, WHY did you bring Sarah Palin into it, and WHY did you write such a propaganda letter that clearly shows that you are not competent to run such a site for Lt. Col. West….this is EXTREMELY bad judgment on your part!

    • I also don’t understand the logic of discussing Sarah Palin while trying to support Allen West. However, this site is all about your opinion, so go for it.

      For a site that has the purpose of promoting Allen West for President, visit:


  14. And Allen West himself would tell you what EXTREMELY BAD JUDGMENT you have exhibited here.

  15. Wow. I guess this is how it may play out for the Republican party, which saddens me.
    Yes, we need CONSERVATIVES not RiNOs (liberals in Republican clothing), but we also need conservatives who can WIN for the Republican party.

    I adore Sarah Palin. I’m a woman. I’m conservative. I abhor “NOW” and other supposedly pro-female groups that in reality are for liberals. In fact, ALL liberal groups are anti-American to me.

    Judy, just because some of us support Col. West as the better candidate doesn’t mean we think less of Gov. Palin. I’d vote for her over the Dem. candidate without a second thought, but it’s not about who *I* would vote for. She doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, even if she holds their same views. Face it… people go with their emotions most of the time. Allen West is plain-spoken, no accent, and he has what Sarah does not– a sense of seriousness.
    Like I said, I love Sarah… I like seeing the real side of her. I just think she serves us well (and better) by being an advocate for conservativeness. Just because I don’t think she’s presidential material doesn’t mean I think she should disappear. Quite the contrary!

  16. Mo K, just wait ’til the Left fires their big guns at Allen West! Currently, he’s virtually a total unknown OUTSIDE his rabid fan base – so he has a LONG way to go to even gain name familiartiy (remember, BHO was started on his path 4 years before the Immaculation – at the 2004 Dem Convention). Also, West is all you say in bona fides, background, knowledge, speaking ability, etc. – but what we havn’t seen is how he performs/reacts under severe political fire (we know how well he does on the field of battle!!). But he sometimes responds quickly – almost from the hip – and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Left would try to rattle his cool and provoke a gaffe. But, that’s a LONG way off at this point in the election cycle.

    What I would heartily disagree with you about, however, is your suggestion that Palin “is not Presidential material!!” What an egregious insult!! With those ignorant words, you have totally destroyed your credibility AND all the damning with faint praise that preceded them – at least you feigned admiration and support of Palin as, essentially, a “cheerleader” for the GOP – again, how insulting!! Only worse would have been for you to suggest that she goes back to the kitchen and bake some cookies with HillButt!!

    Finally, you’re certainly not alone – my once highly-regarded Michael Savage says the very same thing – in suggesting that she’s unelectable. Period. I would suggest, however, that you MAY be right if the election were held tomorrow; but over the next 18 months, she’ll only grow in stature and importance on the American political scene. 18 months is an eternity in politics – and the first REAL primaries & caucuses have not even taken place. Reagan was considered unelectable at this point in time before 1980, too.

    I think she’ll run; but there’s also an outside chance that she’ll play kingmaker instead and throw all her weight behind some Conservative male politician – but who in heaven that might be at this point in time is anyone’s guess. The problem for the others in the GOP dog & pony show is that they’ve been deafening in their silence on just about every major issue (with the exception of when they’re giving speeches to small audiences or have an opportunity for a “guest column,” etc.). Meanwhile, Ms Whirling Dervish is tweeting, Facebooking and doing just about everything else. She speaks out on EVERY major issue and is knowledgeable in so doing.

    Finally, to suggest that she’s “not serious” (“has no seriousness” – as opposed to West!) is, again, an egregious insult and ignorant, to boot!! Have you not listened to her words and heard the seriousness in her voice? Are you living under a rock with no TV or computer?!?

    Sorry for the long rant, but your comments got me going – as you can see!!

    • It pains me to ask this question. Truly it does.

      Does Hillary Clinton’s voice irritate you, especially when she’s enthused?

      What about Sarah Palin’s voice?

      *I* can get past it! But guess what?? MOST people can’t, and it WILL stop them from voting for her in a primary.

      I’m just speaking objectively, folks. It’s nothing personal against her.

  17. Mo, that’s one thing we can certainly agree upon: Namely, when she’s trying to project in a big hall – or outside, in a large arena or stadium-like setting – even with a good mic, that voice gets too high for my liking. It has absolutely nothing to do with her REAL qualifications for higher office, but, admittedly, it can be grating. And I know it’s only when she’s trying to project to a large crowd. In a small room – and ALWAYS on television, esp. when she comments on Fox – her voice is well modulated and easy to listen to.

    What I’d like her to do is find a TOP FLIGHT vocal coach (hell, the world’s greatest opera stars NEVER stop working with a vocal coach!) – from Hollywood or New York – that can work with her over the next several months to MODULATE her voice, breathing and supporting her voice from the abdomen – not from the chest or the throat! – and learning how to project without SHOUTING!! Many public figures have worked on their voices to rid themselves of regional or foreign accents, learn how to REALLY project (without shouting), and practice speech & voice patterns/exercises under professional tutelage until they really learn the art of declamation and oratory! Her ideas and her mode of verbal expression are just fine as is – she just needs to work on that voice. And I’m trying to find a way to get this message to “her people,” but, unfortunately, all those websites are open to public scrutiny. Think I’ll start a little discussion on her Facebook page, anyway….

  18. I don’t know who is more insane her, Joy, or the author of wrote this piece.Palin will never win against Obama so if the GOP wants another 4 yrs of an Obama presidency, nominate Palin – or a town fool – the latter has a better chance of winning but barely.

    Improving Palins voice won’t matter, improving her mind might.

    Islam is the biggest problem facing America today ???- sheesh – if that’s the reason to nominate West, this country is in serious trouble — and not from Islam.

  19. Julianna, don’t discount the serious threat to our Constitution and way of life of Shari’a and (intolerant) Islam. It’s gaining footholds in too many places throughout the country now; and although unemployment and our relatively stagnant economy are short-term problems that pose REAL challenges TODAY, in the long-run, it’s Islam and Shari’a that will be our national nightmare if we don’t nip these cancerous growths in the bud early!

    Well, I think that We the People will make the decision BEFORE the GOP Convention in the Summer of 2012 – via all the primaries, caucuses and debates that will unfold beginning in Jan. 2012 and culminating at the convention several months later. Kingmakers and political insiders will be working overtime; but, in the end, it’s the vox populi that will determine the GOP candidate. (When I was a kid, of course, the final decision was actually made at the Convention itself!)

    No political battle is easy or without winners & losers – Palin herself has said this and she’s never entered a race that she didn’t hope & expect to WIN, but would accept graciously (from the sportsmanship ethos she learned as a child and a teenager in compeititive sports) a clean-cut and honest defeat. It’s never easy, of course, but in her faith-based world, it’s not the end of that world if she loses politically.

    There will ALWAYS be factions & forces within the GOP jockeying for power and position; but, increasingly, it’s We the People – and the Tea Party Movement – that have a BIG voice in all of this. And there is NO guarantee that ANY GOP candidate will defeat BHO – not with the powerful forces lined up on his side of the political fence!

    So, cool your heals; and, as Palin says, “Don’t retreat – reload!!”

  20. I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’m not a Sarah Palin supporter… but I am a Ron Paul supporter. And my Hero, who should have gained the Presidency in 2008 is now in a much more useful position to focus on his life’s ambition… auditing and ending the Fed. I’m not very convinced that Sarah is who we need in 2012. As you pointed out, we are at war… and West knows the enemy intimately. He would also command the instant respect of all of our Armed Forces and is capable of being the Commander in Chief we so desparately need right now. Something even Ron Paul… a MAN, for those of you who saw this open letter as patronizing to women… Something even Ron Paul is not suited to do as effectively as West. I applaud your genuine appeal to “not split the vote”… to unite in favor of the Patriot Military Leader we NEED Right Now.

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