Posted by: theheartlander | November 28, 2010

Allen West on Pharaoh and Socialism

It’s Sunday, and here at West to the West Wing 2012, that means it’s time for some inspired “preaching” from our brother Allen West.

You don’t need to be a Christian to appreciate this speech; you don’t need to be a Jew; you don’t need to be a believer of any sort.  Radio host/author Tammy Bruce is not a churchgoer; Geert Wilders is, if I’m not mistaken, an agnostic.  But they both love Allen West!  And they freely acknowledge that this wonderful society we live in, with all its freedoms and respect for the dignity of the individual, is the direct result of a foundational Judeo-Christian worldview that reveres human beings as made in the divine image.

My hero Albert Camus was an atheist, as was my heroine Oriana Fallaci.  Camus often challenged Christians to live up to the faith they professed, and Oriana Fallaci praised the Judeo-Christian roots of the Western culture that she loved so much and that she defended so vigorously against the oppression, savagery and vulgarity of Islam.

I was a non-believer myself for many years — but even then, I appreciated the crucial role in our society of religion and religious people and their values, from the Catholic Church to the Southern Baptists, from the Russian Orthodox to the Hasidic Jews.  And I think even a non-believer can appreciate the way Allen West studies the historical events recorded in the Old Testament to draw more general lessons from them about political systems.

So, wherever you are in your own spiritual journey, sit back and let yourself be informed and inspired by this wonderful message from Allen West:



  1. […] West, like many other conservatives, has often quoted the Founding Fathers of the United States on the necessity of religion in public life and indeed, […]

  2. This man is a true God Man. He knows the word and he knows his country. He really brings home that you can’t leave God out of politics, they go hand in hand.

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