Posted by: theheartlander | November 26, 2010

Celebrate! (They didn’t steal it!)

Oh, happy day!

Rarely have I been so happy to be proven wrong.  For years, I (and most conservative pundits) have been saying that any Republican running for election must win by a large margin in order to actually be declared the winner. Over and over, we have seen that if the election is really close, Democrats will “find” enough “misplaced ballots” and “counting errors” to steal the election.

Well, evidently that’s not true in every case — for it’s demonstrably not true in New York’s 25th Congressional district.

Courtesy of The Other McCain, we have news that calls for breaking out the champagne!

Allen West and the rest of the dynamic new GOP freshman class in Congress have just gained another colleague.  On Wednesday, November 24, the 3-week-long vote-counting and certifying process in NY-25 finally ended.  And the winner is…. Ann Marie Buerkle!  A pro-life, Palin-endorsed, Tea Party Republican!  She defeated Dan Maffai, the pro-abortion Democrat incumbent — by 657 votes out of more than 200,000 votes cast.

Buerkle is the eighth pro-life woman Representative to be elected to Congress this cycle.  Some of the credit for her win goes to the Susan B. Anthony List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-life women to public office.  The SBA List worked hard for Buerkle, with the dedication and competence that have given the group a very impressive record of success: a 75 percent win rate for its endorsed candidates in this last election. And in head-to-head contests between SBA List-endorsed candidates and candidates supported by the radically pro-abortion EMILY’s List, the SBA candidates won in a whopping 91 percent of the races. That figure is testament not only to the skill and clout of SBA List, but also — and this, too, is worth celebrating! — the pro-life sympathies of the vast majority of Americans.

From the SBA List press release:

“As the first woman elected to Congress from NY-25, [Buerkle] brings years of experience speaking out for Life and feminine leadership harkening back to its roots in authentic pro-life feminism. At the same time, she replaces a consistently pro-abortion vote with dependable advocacy for Life on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives,” [said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.]  As a registered nurse and mother of six, Buerkle will contribute a unique medical background and a strong commitment to ending taxpayer funding of abortion….

There’s one more thing worth celebrating in this story:  the miracle of Buerkle’s come-from-behind trajectory — a miracle that may well be attributable to her pro-life stance.  A mere two weeks before election day, Buerkle was being outspent five to one by her opponent, and was twelve points behind in the opinion polls.  Give yourself a treat and read Stacy McCain’s marvelous account of what he witnessed first-hand while covering the Buerkle campaign. This feel-good story should be required reading for anyone who volunteers for a candidate everyone says can’t win.


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