Posted by: theheartlander | November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving prayer

Thank You, Lord, for the dignity You have given me as a being created in Your image and likeness – a being who, like You, has free will, reason, and the power to love.

Thank You that my country’s Founders endeavored to honor You and to protect the inalienable rights You gave me when You created me in Your image.

Thank You that the Framers of our Constitution were not led astray by false utopianism, but were wise and humble enough to acknowledge our sinful nature. Thank You that they devised a framework of limits and balances to check our perennial lust for power so that we could govern ourselves, in dignity and in freedom.

Thank You for all those who have risked, and in so many cases, given up their lives to ensure that government of the people, by the people, for the people should not perish from the earth.

Thank You for raising up, in every generation, people who love You and strive to honor You through their lives and their work.

Thank You, Lord, for second chances, for the opportunity You give us, every single morning, to begin anew, to reconsecrate ourselves to You, to be more open to Your grace, and more generous to others.

Thank You for the troubles and trials You allow to befall us, so that we might refocus on what is most important, and recognize and embrace our utter dependence on You.

Thank You for Your Holy Word, preserved for us down through every generation.

Thank You for the freedom of conscience that is our right as creatures made in Your image.

Thank You for the freedom we have in this country to exercise that right. Lord, please give us wisdom and courage to preserve that right where it is threatened, for nothing is more dear.

Thank You, Lord, for the precious and utterly new gift You give us in every new life You create.  We ask You to grant us, as individuals and as communities of faith, the grace to cherish all human beings, the generosity to respond to their needs, and perseverance in the fight to protect each human life.

Lord, help us never to take Your gifts for granted, but in everything, to give thanks.



  1. (aka JOY) AMEN!!

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