Posted by: theheartlander | November 22, 2010

Is Afghanistan our Vietnam?

Well…. it could be, says Allen West, if we don’t change our approach.

This speech by Allen West at the Center for Security Policy last year establishes Allen West without a doubt as a dazzlingly brilliant mind.

The speech, “What It Takes to Win in Afghanistan,” is both sobering and encouraging — sobering because we’ve wasted so much time and opportunity in Afghanistan doing things in a slipshod, irrational fashion — but encouraging, because there are real, clearly definable things we can do to achieve victory. Yes — say the word! — victory.

It will not be easy — but it is doable.  A lot depends on our having the boldness of mind to think outside the box, and to make the imaginative effort to really get inside the heads of the Afghan people, both our enemies and our allies. As West says every chance he gets, “The reality of your enemy must — or eventually will — become your own.”  In other words, if you don’t look at things through your enemy’s eyes — see the world the way he sees it — and form your strategy accordingly, he will defeat you.

West is a fabulous lecturer/teacher — as engaging as only my very best college professors were.  West did, in fact, teach at the college level for a while.  I bet his students were crazy about him.

We can only hope that people in very high places in the Pentagon and the White House — and Congress, which controls the purse strings — will watch and learn.



  1. I’ll give you, he’s versed in military acumen, but he’s too young and inexperienced in domestic affairs.

    • West is 49 — older than Palin, Jindal, Rubio, and only a couple months younger than Pawlenty.

  2. I like him. But, when mainstream media gets behind a politician it is a warning we MUST not overlook.
    Like I said, he seems patriotic and I like that.
    Thank you sir for your years of service. Could you please remove the foreign born trash out of our White House?

  3. […] be “on the table” for budget cuts — even defense.  As West’s brilliant speech about Afghanistan made clear, however, we are wasting a lot of money — and American lives […]

  4. Love this man! Integrity, honesty, courage and above all – he puts OUR MILITARY TROOPS FIRST – NOT LAST!!

    West is against convoluted ROE”s killing our wrongly imprisoning our troops! Join us:

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