Posted by: theheartlander | November 22, 2010

Allen West: Media Magnet

The Wall Street Journal today called Allen West “one of the stars of this new class of House members.”

West is a “Tea Party favorite,” according to WorldNetDaily.

Anthony Martin of The Examiner referred to West as “one of the GOP’s brightest rising stars.”

Though the new Congress will not convene until January 5, it seems not a day goes by that Allen West is not in the news. Even the “mainstream” media can’t get enough of him.  Here are some snippets from over the weekend.

Yesterday, West appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he was asked about the controversial new TSA airport screening procedures.

“…[W]hen you go back, you look at after September 11th, we had the opportunity with Israel coming and talking to us about improving our security screening procedures, and we turned them down.  I traveled to Israel, and I tell you what, they have very good procedures, and you don’t have to go through all of these very Draconian practices.”

Ah, but Israel’s highly trained security screeners actually look at people’s outward appearance, facial expressions and behavior in deciding who might warrant a more intensive screening. You might even call this “profiling.”  (Horrors!)  Allen West calls it “trend analysis.”  By either term, it’s a common-sense tactic used successfully by any detective who’s more interested in solving cases than in toeing the politically correct line.

“I call it trend analysis, because having been a commander in the battlefield, what you look for are trends, and you focus your resources on those trends.  You know, profiling has become this negative, connotative phrase….  But we’ve got to be able to focus our security apparatus and resources.”

Although some in the media disparage West as they do all true conservatives — with labels such as “extreme right-wing” or “controversial” — my thinking is that the more the media cover West, the more the American electorate gets to hear his message.  West’s cut-through-the-b.s. approach and his common-sense proposals are precisely what most Americans have been craving but not getting from the entrenched Washington establishment.

When the Wall Street Journal asked West what he saw as the significance of the recent midterm election, he replied:

“The American people are looking for individuals that resemble who they are, who are not part of what they now see as a ruling-class elitism, a political class.

“And I think that is why you see 83 new GOP House members. It was not so much about rewarding the Republican Party, but rewarding people that they thought were different from what Washington resembles.

“People stood up and said, it is the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of the American small-business owner and corporate businessmen and women that will give us long-term, sustainable economic growth. That is the message that won in 2010.”

Let us hope that the GOP is smart enough to get the message.


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