Posted by: theheartlander | November 16, 2010

Europe Rising

After all the doom and gloom I posted here yesterday, imagine my utter joy this morning after watching this MAGNIFICENT smack-down (see video below) of the Islam-appeasers by a most well-spoken, and royally pissed-off, Brit wit by the name of Pat Condell.  He is very encouraged–as am I–by the undeniable signs that Europe is finally awakening from its long, lotus-eater dream of accommodation with Islam.

Condell celebrates the end of the recent Geert Wilders trial, which was abandoned after even the Islam-appeasers had to admit that the whole thing was a kangaroo court. Wilders is head of the PVV, or Freedom Party, in the Netherlands, and maker of the short but devastating documentary “Fitna” about Islam.  The documentary uses only direct quotes from the Qur’an and various contemporary imams, but it got Wilders prosecuted for “hate speech.”  Allen West says of him: “Geert Wilders is a dear friend and I have pledged to him that I will be his counterpart in America.”

Geert Wilders

Besides Wilders’ temporary reprieve (there will be a retrial, with a different panel of judges), there are other hopeful indicators in Europe as well:

  • The English Defence League has formed to defend English society, founded on Judeo-Christian values, against creeping sharia in their own country–and despite the media’s incessant efforts to paint the group as “extreme right-wing” and “fascist,” its membership rolls and its influence are growing rapidly.
  • Inspired in part by the example of the English Defence League, a Dutch Defense League has formed; similar groups are organizing in several more countries, and have come together as the European Freedom Initiative which recently held its first international rally in Amsterdam.

Europe has been asleep much longer than the United States, so they have gotten much farther down the path of Islamization. In Britain, separate sharia courts for Muslims are allowed to exist as a parallel legal system–which means, among other things, that Muslim girls and women victimized by domestic violence, female genital mutilation, polygamy, gang rapes, acid burnings and honour killings will now have less protection than ever before.  In cities all over Europe, from Malmö, Sweden, to Paris, Muslim gangs have taken over whole neighborhoods, turning them into “no-go zones,” where firefighters and ambulances dare not go unless they have a police escort–and sometimes not even then.


At long last, the Resistance has begun!

  • Stop Islamisation of Europe (which has an American counterpart, Stop Islamization of America) is rapidly morphing into a worldwide “coalition of the willing” called the Global Freedom Initiative, which has people not only in Europe but in Asia, Latin America, China, and the Middle East as well.  I love SIOE’s snappy slogan:  “Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense.”
  • Geert Wilders, obviously undeterred by being prosecuted for “hate speech,” has launched the International Freedom Alliance, which will focus, he says, on two points: “Defend Freedom” and “Stop Islam.”  Per the website, IFA is “coming soon to a country near you.”

This is all enormously encouraging.  If Europe–EUROPE!–which, to be honest, I’d pretty well given up on in the last few years, can come around and start fighting back, there is even more hope–real hope, that is, not Hope ‘n’ Change™ –for the United States of America.

Yesterday I wrote here that Allen West was the only person currently in American politics who really “gets it” about Islam.  The way things are going–please God!–that won’t be the case for much longer.

Meanwhile, let’s hear it for this fighting Englishman!


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