Posted by: theheartlander | November 15, 2010

Charles Martel is turning over in his grave

American Thinker reports on the recent Synod of Bishops at the Vatican that was assembled to deal with pastoral matters in the Middle East.  It’s quite disturbing.

A few excerpts:

The bishops reflect upon the “keen sufferings of the Iraqi people” without acknowledging the butchery of the late Saddam Hussein. They speak of a “common citizenship between Christians and Muslims” but fail to describe the wanton destruction of churches throughout the Muslim Middle East. Nor do they explain the second-class status of the infidel Christian within Muslim countries. Instead, the Church document speaks of guidance “by the commandment of love.”

[T]he bishops… describe how Christians are emigrating “from a sense of insecurity … in many Middle Eastern countries.” Again, the Church fathers never attribute the cause of this insecurity to the intolerance and bigotry of Islamic shariah law practiced in the Muslim world.

Pardon me… if I am not so taken with a group of bishops who call upon the United Nations to work to find “a peaceful, just and definitive solution” to the Middle East. The United Nations has been hijacked by the worst abusers of human rights and exists merely to take actions against Israel every time it has the chance.

The bishops call for Lebanon to “be the model of coexistence between Christians and Moslems.” Yet at no time does the Church point the accusing finger at Hezb’allah, an Iranian proxy terrorist group who has virtually destroyed this once-tranquil nation.

As a Catholic, I am sickened by this.

Whatever happened to the spirit of Charles Martel who, as Allen West reminds us in the video clip below, fought off the Muslims at Tours, France, in 732 A.D.?

Where is the spirit of Pope Urban II who–albeit four centuries after the Muslims conquered the Holy Land–called for a Crusade to rescue the Eastern Christians from Muslim oppression?

What about the Battle of Lepanto where, in 1571, a grossly outnumbered Catholic fighting force managed to defeat the attacking fleet of the Ottoman Turks?  The bishops don’t seem to remember.  Thank God that Allen West does.

Where are the Catholic leaders who will rally the necessary forces–as King Jan Sobieski of Poland did at Vienna in 1683–to defend Western civilization against the scimitars of Muhammad’s death cult?

As Allen West reminds us, Islam has been at war with us for 1,388 years.  Wishing they would just go away and leave us alone will not work any better for us moderns than it did for the millions of people ranging from the Pyrenees, across northern Africa, through the Middle East and Persia, all the way into the heart of India, who, from the death of Muhammad onward, were given only three choices:  (1) convert to Islam;  (2) live as a subject, or dhimmi, and pay the crippling jizya, or protection money, to the Muslim overlords for the privilege of staying alive; or, (3) die, usually by beheading.

Maybe I shouldn’t get so angry with the bishops–who, after all, do not have the force of arms at their disposal. But what of our political leaders, who are specifically tasked with protecting our nation?  Observe in the video below the way all the distinguished figures hem and haw and pussyfoot around to avoid answering a direct question about the Islamic threat–all of them, that is, save one:  you know who.

Look, I’m as happy as anyone about the Republican sweep on November 2, and about the power and influence of the Tea Party movement.  Sarah Palin is a great woman.  Marco Rubio is a great man.  But I’m not sure that even those conservative heroes “get it” about Islam.  There is only one man currently in American politics who does get it.

And that distinction is absolutely crucial–a deal-breaker,in fact–because our very existence is threatened.  Not only our survival as a nation, but even our survival as individuals–you, me, my children, your children.



Our worst nightmare

We did not choose this war.  Like the beleaguered people of Israel, Americans want nothing more than to be left alone to live our lives.  But the enemy has declared war on us, whether we like it or not.  Did we stick our heads in the sand after Dec. 7, 1941, and dismiss the attack on Pearl Harbor as just an “isolated incident” of “violent extremism”?  Did we put ourselves through absurd mental contortions to convince ourselves that imperial Shintoism was a “religion of peace”?

Anyone who’s raised children has probably had a few chuckles at the way very small children play hide-and-seek.  They’ll put their hands over their own eyes to “hide” from you, thinking that if they can’t see you, then you can’t see them! It’s cute when a two-year-old does it.  Not so cute when grown men and women do–in fact, it can be fatal.

If we want to survive, we need to grow up.  Fast.

And in 2012, we need to elect a real grown-up to the presidency.


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