Posted by: theheartlander | November 12, 2010

The secret lives of cookie cutters

Every time a conservative black/woman/Hispanic/gay/Jewish/Asian/anything-but-WASP-male politician rises to prominence, the Left goes berserk.  So of course the “progressives” are unhinged by Allen West.  When Col. West becomes Congressman West in January, and joins the previously monolithic leftist bastion called the Congressional Black Caucus, expect some on the Left to become apoplectic.

It’s hard not to get angry when we see a good man being attacked–but maybe we should pity the poor leftists who feel so threatened by reality–and have only cookie cutters to wield against it.  As the proverbial man with only a hammer sees every problem as a nail, so the pitiful leftist with only a cookie cutter sees every person as someone to be molded and shaped, sorted and packaged.  The complexities of life become manageable if you can just put everyone in their designated bag, seal them up and put them on a shelf.  For those who deal in identity politics, there are no individuals, only batches of people in conveniently labeled trays—chocolate, vanilla, ginger snaps, lemon drops.  Red and yellow, black and white, that’s all we are in leftists’ sight.

But along comes someone like Allen West, who does not fit any of their pre-selected shapes or flavors.  He’s black, so he’s supposed to love our first black president; instead, he despises Obama:  “I can’t stand the guy.” In the leftists’ worldview, if you’re black, you must be a Democrat, like all those folks in the Congressional Black Caucus.  Instead, Allen West will be the first Republican to join that caucus in a long, long time.

So what’s a cookie sorter to do with someone who’s his own man and thinks for himself?  Why, he’s… he’s neither chocolate nor vanilla!  Or maybe he’s just chocolate on the outside and vanilla on the inside?  That’s it!  He must be… he has to be… he can only be…

an Oreo!

Calling Allen West (and Tim Scott and Thomas Sowell and Herman Cain and Michel Faulkner and Stephen Broden and Star Parker and any other black conservative) an “Oreo” just because they refuse to embrace the leftists’ soul-killing victimology is an insult not only to conservatives who happen to be black, but to all conservatives.

Take me, for instance.  Because I happen to be white and female, am I a “race traitor” or “not really a woman” simply because I happen to loathe my fellow white female Kathleen Sebelius?  If she were a conservative–or even a halfway decent person–such as Sarah Palin or Kristi Noem, I’d be happy to claim her as a “sister.”  As it is, the only thing worse than suffering through her being governor of my state is knowing that she is acquiring near-total control over my medical care.

Where else have I seen that chin-jutting pose???

Did you know that, thanks to Pelosi’s and Reid’s frantic rush to get the health care monstrosity passed, the 2,000+ page bill was written so sloppily that decision-making authority for more than 1,000 specific health-care matters rests with Her Highness Queen Kathleen?

Oh, but in the leftists’ logic (if you can call it that), I’m supposed to like this woman, I’m supposed to approve of her and identify with her–just because she’s the same gender and skin color as me.  News flash for leftists:  I don’t give a damn about the color of your skin; all I care about is the content of your character.  If that makes me weird, well, at least I’m in the company of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (who, by the way, was also a Republican, like me).

Here are two folks who, while different in skin color, are much alike in the content of their character.  You might say they were cut from the same mold:

UGH.  I think I’m going to toss my cookies!


PLEASE!  Someone give me an antidote…

Ah… Now that’s more like it!

There’s Allen with Pamela Geller, one of my absolute heroines:  blogger extraordinaire at Atlas Shrugs, investigative reporter who has broken many huge stories, co-author of The Post-American Presidency, co-founder of the Freedom Defense Initiative and of Stop Islamization of America, and tireless crusader against “honor killings,” shariah law, the Ground Zero Mosque and other aspects of the “civilizational jihad” that Islam is waging right now, right here in America.  Pamela hasn’t been in battle overseas like Col. West–but she’s had many threats on her life as she battles the enemy within.

You may be interested to know that Pamela was posting columns by Col. West on her blog–see here— long before most folks had heard of him–thus introducing me and many others to him for the first time.  (Thank you, Pamela!)

Oh, and you cookie-cutter obsessives?  She may be a white woman, just like me–but she’s a Jew, and I’m a German-Irish Christian.  So there!



  1. This will be a “me-too” comment, but anyway:

    Identity politics is the sociological equivalent of phrenology, only sillier.

    And skin color isn’t a nationality, anyway. It’s a byproduct of latitude and weather pattern.

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