Posted by: theheartlander | November 10, 2010

Alpha Allen vs. Omega Obama

In most species of social animals–dogs, wolves, lions, apes and, yes, Homo sapiens–we see the phenomenon of the “alpha male”–or in some species, as in elephants and wild horses, the alpha female.  The alpha is instinctively recognized as the leader (the “top dog”) by all the other members of the herd.  If you own several dogs, you’ve seen this phenomenon at close hand.  Alpha leads the group when they’re on the move, with all the others following behind; alpha always gets to eat first and gets his/her pick of mates.  In return, alpha has the all-important job of protecting the rest of the group and fighting off any intruders.  In some species, there is a “beta male” who is a servant to the alpha, but is ready to move in and take his place if alpha gets killed.  The rest of the group is known as “omegas.”

Um... who's the alpha male here?

I believe that humans are made in the image and likeness of God–but we are also, biologically, members of the animal kingdom. Obviously, for group survival, we’re best served if positions of leadership–such as the White House!–are occupied by alphas.  In fact, it’s inconceivable that there would be anything but a “top dog” in the Presidency of the most powerful country in the world.  But then, a lot of things were inconceivable before 2008….

If you’re a liberal, you may snicker a little at the follies of our Omega-in-Chief (as even liberals in the lamestream news and entertainment spheres have been doing lately). If you’re a typical conservative, you may just groan with embarrassment.  But the more important concern is what goes through our enemies’ minds when they see these images.  Our enemies–not only declared enemies such as al-Qaeda and Iran, but also those who are plotting against us in other ways, such as Russia and China–all have intelligence agencies whose job it is to watch and listen to everything that goes on here.  They are not deaf and blind.  Far from it, they are keenly attuned to every nuance. What do you suppose they are thinking when they see this weak, juvenile, buffoonish omega male  (that’s scientist-speak for… Girly Man!)  in the top spot in the U.S.?

Remember:  Every moment of every day, our enemies are industriously working on ways to defeat us. We can’t afford to “wait until 2016” for President Allen West. We need Alpha Allen in the White House in 2012–which can’t come soon enough!


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