Posted by: theheartlander | November 9, 2010


West to the West Wing 2012 is dedicated to electing Col. Allen West to the White House in 2012.

This blog is not authorized by Allen West or his official organization.  Rather, it is part of a grassroots movement of citizens who are convinced that the individual who can best lead our country forward — the man who will best preserve, protect and defend the Constitution — is Allen West.  Lt. Col. West — now Congressman-elect West — has proven his bravery, intellect, integrity and competence countless times in the last two decades — many of those times in combat situations that test and reveal a person’s character as no other experience does.

Allen West is a scholar, a warrior and a leader of men. He is the right man for America in 2012.  Not in 2016, or in 2020 — but in 2012.

“King of the New Media” Andrew Breitbart gets it:

We encourage you to explore this website and get to know Allen West better.  If you like what you find here, you can subscribe for free daily or weekly emails, so you won’t miss any postings.

Since 2012 is just two years away, Allen West will only be drafted as the GOP presidential nominee if there is a massive grassroots movement.  We are convinced that the more people understand the major issues of our day — from health care to economics to the war in Afghanistan — the more they will support Allen West.  So on this site, we’ll be not only  talking about Allen West himself, but exploring the major issues where his leadership is so greatly needed.

President West inaugurated in January 2013:  Let’s make it happen!


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